Nikola Preps World’s Most Powerful Electric UTV: 120 kWh, 60 MPH in 3.9 Seconds

AUG 17 2017 BY MARK KANE 20

Nikola Powersports has announced the finalized specifications for its four-seat UTV Nikola Zero which goes on sale next year … and they are pretty awesome.  

Nikola Zero

The all-electric Nikola Zero will be available in two fairly incredible performance options:

  • 415 HP & 3,675 ft lbs of torque (from $35,000)
  • 555 HP & 4,900 ft lbs of torque

There will be also be three battery options: 75, 100 and a whopping 125 kWh. The largest one should give the Zero the ability to go 200 miles in 4×4 off-road mode.

We are not sure what the price will be for the top of the line 555 hp, 125 kWh version, but quite frankly it will be a lot of fun (and one likely would seriously injure or kill oneself driving it before the last payment came due), so who cares about a pesky thing like pricing.

Nikola Powersports said that dealerships can begin reserving production units starting in January of 2018, after the first dealer ride and drive event – planned for this December in St. George, Utah.

Trevor Milton, Nikola’s CEO said:

“The Nikola Zero will be the first UTV to come with optional Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), stability control, anti-roll-over, traction control and torque vectoring. Normally these options are reserved for high-end sports cars and not normally found in UTVs. We have worked hard to make these UTVs street legal, and in many states, you may be able to drive the Nikola Zero UTV to work,”

“Once you test drive the Nikola Zero, you will want to trade in your current UTV. No other competitor UTV can match the Nikola Zero’s performance. We are not talking about a few seconds faster than the competition, we are talking about laps faster, with speeds up to 0-60 in 3.9 seconds with four passengers inside,”.

Nikola Zero


Nikola Zero

Standard features include: 100% electric power steering, 20” front and rear suspension travel, 14” ground clearance, 62” wide frame, four independent electric motors, 32” tires, bead lock wheels, tow hitch, over the air soware updating, 10” infotainment center display, 7” instrument cluster, multiple color options, IP 67 waterproofing, LED headlights, taillights, and custom seats, all with a two-year warranty.

Optional features include; 555 HP upgrade, street legal package (some states), 4×4 torque vectoring system, ABS, anti-roll protection, traction control, front and rear 4500 lb. winches, factory audio system, 15 kW power export at 110/220V, 4kW Solar 400-volt DC Charger, LED interior lighting, rider profiles, front windshield, mirrors, cameras and a four-year extended warranty package.

Nikola Zero


  • 100 – 200 MILE RANGE
  • 400 VOLTS
  • 75 kWh , 100 kWh or 125 kWh BATTERY
  • 4,900 FT-LBS TORQUE
  • 0-60 IN 3.9 SECONDS
  • 32” TIRES


Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

Nikola Zero

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20 Comments on "Nikola Preps World’s Most Powerful Electric UTV: 120 kWh, 60 MPH in 3.9 Seconds"

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Why? I just don’t get offerings like these. So I can tow it in to the middle of nowhere and drive it around for awhile and then it’s dead? Oh I know, I’ll also tow a big gennie to power this badboy.

Doesn’t that last part kind of defeat the whole purpose?

More or less the places we used to take our sand rail when I was a kid had no RV hookups. I’m sure some do these days but I have to think there is a really small market for this, especially at it’s price point.

And to add, look at the weight of that thing! More than double their competitors. That’s probably just the 75kWh model too! Have fun getting that outta deep mud 😀

Driving more than 100 miles away from a safe place in tje desert is suicidal regarless of the vehicle you’re using. This king of vehicles are basicly toys that you use close to where your family and friends are staying/camping…yeap you could allways cross the Sahara in an UTV but that would be as smart as croasing the atlantic in a Kayac or Stand Up Paddle board

Just to clarify I am not saying you should drive it 100 miles away from camp however you can easily drive more than 200 miles around in a weekend or longer visit. You could zig zag all over the place and drive 200 miles yet never be more than a few miles from home.

“I just don’t get offerings like these. So I can tow it in to the middle of nowhere and drive it around for awhile and then it’s dead? Oh I know, I’ll also tow a big gennie to power this badboy.”

Yup. Even when the EV revolution has triumphed, there will still be a niche market for vehicles like this, operating in remote areas where an electrical hookup would be hard to find. The market for this will be only a niche of a niche market, and I don’t see it ever getting much bigger.

Still, Nikola might actually be able to sell some of these… unlike its planned fool cell semi tractor, which — if Nikola is actually foolish enough to put that into production — will be dead on arrival.


Haha, I don’t get these vehicles in general, electric *or* ICE.

From what I’ve seen, their main purpose seems to be to go around and destroy sand dunes. And in less-regulated parts of the world, to make beaches very unsafe for everyone else.

That said, at least the EV version is not noisy, and anyway no one goes more than a few miles at a time on these, a few dozen miles tops. They are not really intended for road trips, are they?

They can also be driven for miles and miles and miles in the desert and yes, likely tear up some gopher’s home in the process 😀

I get the excitement of them although I haven’t ridden in one in ages but more often than not they’re very light, so that they’re very quick and responsive, and also reasonably affordable as there isn’t usually much to them. Of my friends that still go out to the desert if I suggested to any of them that they install some LCD screen in theirs they’d probably slap me and call me Susan.

You’ll be better of using if for AUTOCROSS racess…crxy torque numbers would be very usefull

HP and Torque spec are probably measured at the wheel, not at the input of the gear box/output of the motor.

How can it possibly have 4,900 FT. LB’s of TORQUE ?? A Tesla S P85D weighs 1400 LB’s more has around 750 LB’s of torque and does 0 to 60 in 3.2 sec.


I believe that Tesla has over 4,000 ft lb of torque at the wheel..

Dune buggy dragster?

I bet it kicks up one hell of a rooster-tail of sand!

Numbers don’t add up. The mass of the vehicle and the battery cell size is either earth-shattering for Lithium-ion or at least one figure is false.

How come nobody has a video of this vehicle going faster than about 30 miles an hour in a parking lot or a grassy field?

FF at least had a real prototype in terms of specs to show off.

Also, their website has 490 Foot pounds of torque. Something got fixed in the PR material, but not before a lot of folks called foul.

Maybe the battery figures are off, too.

Assuming your figures are correct (and I have no reason to doubt it), this makes Nikola look even more dubious than it does with its claims for an obviously impractical fool cell semi tractor.

On the other hand, another current InsideEVs article talks about Nikola having bought a solar panel factory, and that certainly seems like a sensible business with real potential for making a profit.

Is Nikola a sham; or a case of wishful thinking on the part of an entrepreneur who has let his dreams for green tech trample practical business concerns, like (Project) Better Place; or is it a company with a sensible business plan, a startup which might actually succeed?

Color me confused.

I went looking for videos of the Nikola Zero, found only a handful; their website talks about the torque nearly lifting the front end off the ground, but what I saw was 20 inches of suspension travel shifting a little. Plenty of arguments talking about the erroneous torque, then hit the website and saw the realistic figure. I mean the HP and the torque don’t really line up when there’s an order of magnitude difference. I think what this boils down to is unrealistic hype and some underwhelming engineering. The move to buy and own a solar company is smart from a revenue perspective: that is a booming business and it is good to have positive cash flow, even if all they are is a solar installer tilting up Chinese solar panels from ready-made kits. The argument is there for either the Wrightspeed gas turbine generator or (God forbid) this fuel cell tech. in terms of energy density over mass. However, I do very much think that Tesla Motors is going to stomp all over Nikola Motors really, really soon with that class 8 long-haul BEV freight truck of theirs what, in a month? I do remember that Nikola Motors… Read more »

This baby, if it launches anywhere near per the above Nikola Zero spec, screams Burning Man Festival, “party on Wayne”, Road Warrior Conversion Vehicle! Let the Special 2018 BM Mods begin!

Mutant Vehicles are Blackrock cities moving art. Put up a Mast and Sail, on this EV, and Cruise around recharging the batteries for the trip back home after the event!

125 kwh in a vehicle like that? A ridiculous claim. Maybe that is theoretically possible in a Sprinter-sized delivery van.

A completely pointless vehicle. I doubt they will be selling even 100 of these.

Did anyone else notice Nikola’s “Instant Torque” claim, “With 80% of torque available as early as 3500 RPMs, the Nikola Zero….” It’s almost verbatim what Polaris advertised for their RZRs in 2016. Just Google the phrase without “Nikola Zero” and see what pops up. One would hope a high performance direct drive traction motor would be more like “100% available as early as 0RPM…”