Nikola Two Electric Semi Teased Ahead Of Reveal Event


Nikola has plans to reveal its electric semi-trucks this April.

InsideEVs will be on hand for Nikola World 2019 at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Arizona. The special event will take place on April 16 and 17, 2019. According to Nikola, the semis will be unveiled on the evening of the 16th, but the fun continues the next day when attendees will participate in demonstration drives of the Nikola Two electric semi and rides in Nikola NZT OHV.

While Nikola seemed laser-focused on hydrogen power initially, now it seems to have discovered the benefit of all-electric power via the plug. The company claims its Nikola Two and Nikola Tre (European variant) will come in both hydrogen and electric variants. However, it still shares that the hydrogen trucks will be for long-haul application, and the all-electric semis should be reserved for inner city trips and/or those that carry less weight. Nikola Motor Company recently tweeted:

Fast forward to this week and Nikola CEO Trevor Milton took to social media to drop some teaser images of the electric Nikola Two. He claims the truck is “going to change the entire world” and its “real for all the haters.” Interesting way to present the concept? At any rate, we’ve embedded the tweet with images below:

Do you think Nikola can pull it off? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Contrary to the headlines, it does not look like they’ve changed their position on fuel cells.
Their strategy is hydrogen for long haul, BEV for short haul.
So adding BEV is addressing a new market, not changing their design.

To not lose too much face you have to slowly move over to what makes sense, Toyota style…

Hydrogen for people who can’t count, and BEV for long and short haul for the rest…

Looks like they have to start production as soon as possible. They’ve already got quite a few pre orders from Norway. Both Tesla and Nikola will be sold tax free, and without VAT.

In a 3-4 years time, the infrastructure for large EVs and probably also Hydrogen fuel cells will be ready. Some of the large transportation companies have already the infrastructure they require now. They will get support from the government, and will probably have tax incentives for a huge part of the rest.

New truck manufacturers will have to PROVE they have the logistics in order – to be able to supply trucking companies with parts quickly.

In 2020 – there may be extra incentives to turn around the panel van market too. By then some manufacturers have some van models that is good enough for some of the users. The reduction in fuel/road tolls will be huge – and IF they manage to offer an EV at a competetive price (over the 5 year lifetime of the vehicle) they will sell a lot.

“Yes, this truck is real for all the haters”… Wow! Someone’s got a serious twitter issue.

Well, I am not surprised by that because I notice those Tesla fans tend to hate anything that is not Tesla.

Lots of people here tend to hate vaporeware and/or fool cells

..and outright scams!

“fool cells”

There’s lots of hate all around.

To be fair, Tesla does actually BUILD electric vehicles.

I find there are 10x the Tesla fanboy haters than Tesla fanboys than don’t like anything else. For instance you’d think I was a Tesla fanboy but I’d never own one for several reasons.
But none the less what they have done is great leading the world to better energy and transport with product is undeniable. Saying otherwise is just lying.

I think Nicola has noticed that its pretty hard to find love for a rather obvious scam. Well maybe throwing in all electric into the mix will keep the investors money flowing. Investors who appear to have caught up to the fact that the economics of hydrogen don’t even remotely work .

It’s definitely a great business model if you can pull it off: promising the world, creating some flash prototypes that may or may not actually run, dazzle investors and make a good living of the investment dollars while doing your vaporware thing.

Fisker is another example of this approach.

When you have to include the word “haters” in a product announcement, you’ve already failed.

From article: “…Nikola seemed laser-focused on hydrogen power initially, now it seems to have discovered the benefit of all-electric power via the plug. The company claims its Nikola Two and Nikola Tre (European variant) will come in both hydrogen and electric variants….”


Nikola hydrogen semi will never make it to production… it was a bad idea when first announced by Nikola and each day since then it has continued to be an increasingly worse idea as battery cost continues to go down.

Hydrogen has advantage gör long haul. Fleet owners can have their own supply.

Except the economics don’t make sense. No matter how you cut it, hydrogen will end up being more expensive that using electricity. You can’t disregard the laws of thermodynamics or economics.

But Mexico will pay for the wall LOL

@Ahmet Giz said: “Hydrogen has advantage gör long haul. Fleet owners can have their own supply.”

The amount of hydrogen supply needed to sustain a fleet of hydrogen long haul trucks is something very few if any fleet owners will want to themselves deal with… the self-supply logistics and cost is a much larger challenge than a large warehouse operator self supplying hydrogen for fueling a fleet of forklifts. Also, Nikola may be realizing building out a Nikola nationwide network of hydrogen stations is beyond real-wold reach for Nikola.

Nikola providing an all-electric alternative to their hydrogen-electric concept is in my opinion a step towards Nikola dropping hydrogen entirely… perhaps sometime this year… and perhaps I’ll be proven wrong on this.

At the end of the day, Nikola needs to be competitive against Tesla Semi… that will be super challenging given Tesla’s production advantage of leveraging Model 3 parts for Tesla Semi and Tesla’s capability of building out a robust Tesla Semi fast charging network.

Cost, cost and cost… Did I mention cost? Hydrogen is a no go because of its cost.

It doesn’t have any advantages. A small ICE as energy/range extender or a stock genset which can be boarded and unboarded on demand makes waaaay more sense for any truck metric one can think of.

Ahmet Giz – “Fleet owners can have their own supply.”
Not that easy. There are various regulations about storing flammable gases, especially on the large scale that would be necessary here. A previous employer wished to have an LPG tank on site for vehicle fuelling and it wasn’t allowed.

They may meet the criteria, and it may be allowed, but frankly a lot simpler and cheaper to just have an electric charging station.

You will never convince people that believe in Mexico will pay for the wall…they are stubborn LOL

Their CNG truck also did not make it to production, other truck makers deployed some.

Interesting wording on the tweet. “Just left our facility where the Nikola Two is being prepared for the unveiling……” Note *the* Nikola Two, which seems to imply “one”. The big question is what will “it” be? Hydrogen or battery? He also refers to “unveiling”, which seems a little strange- I thought it was “unveiled” in December 2016?

The big question is what will be shown in April – battery, hydrogen, or both? And will such be shown in motion, pulling loads? My own feeling is that if the hydrogen truck isn’t there, with full working demo and full specs, it’s game over for Nikola as far as hydrogen is concerned.

The One is a battery EV with hydrogen fuel cell range extender.

Tid – “The One is a battery EV with hydrogen fuel cell range extender.”
Not so – – the One is a sleeper cab, the Two a day cab, and the Tre a day cab for Europe. According to Nikola, all three will be available in a choice of hydrogen or battery electric. So saying the Nikola Two will be shown at their event is ambiguous – it could be a battery or hydrogen version.

He was hating on Tesla but now we are the haters?

Ok, Sir…

Anyone have issues with one company named Nikola and one company named Tesla?