Nikola Tesla Museum To Get $1 Million Donation From Elon Musk, Tesla Supercharger In Parking Lot


Oh The Suspense

Oh The Suspense – Lucky For Us The Oatmeal Revealed All Today

The Oatmeal - Tesla Model S

The Oatmeal – Tesla Model S

Per The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman:

“As some of you may know, I recently published a cartoonist’s review of my Tesla Model S. In the second half of the review, I asked Elon Musk to donate toward the completion of a Nikola Tesla Museum, a project I’ve been working on since 2012.”

“Within a few hours of posting my review, Elon Musk tweeted that he’d be happy to help.”

Sometime earlier this week, Inman spoke directly with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.  Inman says that Musk promised the following 2 things in regards to the Nikola Tesla Museum:

1. He’s going to build a Tesla Supercharger station in the parking lot of the museum.

2. He’s donating $1 million dollars to the museum itself.

Inman extends a heartfelt thank you to Musk and concludes by saying “Happy Nikola Tesla Day.”  Yes, it’s Nikola Tesla’s 158th birthday.  Now go celebrate.

Source: The Oatmeal

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21 responses to "Nikola Tesla Museum To Get $1 Million Donation From Elon Musk, Tesla Supercharger In Parking Lot"
  1. paco3791 says:

    Great News!

  2. David Murray says:

    Anyone know where this museum is located? Does it have a website?

      1. David Murray says:

        crap.. I was hoping it would be closer to Texas.

    1. Rob Stark says:

      Long Island New York

    2. EdoTesla says:

      Shoreham, NY (Long Island)

  3. Doug B says:


  4. Anon says:

    I thought the Oatmeal request was for 8 million?

    And a good place / homeage for a Tesla Supercharger site. 🙂

    1. Aaron says:

      It was, but $1 million is a great place to start. It helps with others making donations to know there is a starting point.

      I donated to the cause to help buy the land because I believe we need to teach our kids about science. This museum promises to do just that.

    2. TimE says:

      He committed to a SuperCharger on site too – that will draw in Tesla customers that – in general – are a bit better off and can afford to make some good size donations too.

      Very cool Elon!

  5. Chris O says:

    Guess in a way Elon Musk is trying to change the US from a place where people like Thomas Edison are the heroes to a place where people like Nicola Tesla are the heroes. Distributed power versus concentrated power.

  6. Spec9 says:

    Supercharger is a nice touch.

  7. EV says:

    absolutely awesome

  8. taser54 says:

    Nice job Elon.

  9. Mikael says:

    And here I thought it would be located in Croatia (birth place) or Serbia (where the real Tesla museum is).

    It’s kind of surprising that Teslas home country, origin country, birth place and most places where he lived worked and studied are not covered by Superchargers.

    1. Mr. M says:

      I thought the same thing… Sad its not donated to the museum in eastern europe 🙁

      1. Mikael says:

        Well at least he has had his face on 5 different bank notes in Yugoslavia and Serbia, the international airport named after him, a few institutes, schools and universities, some statues and a museum from the 50’s in Serbia.

        But still…

  10. Robert says:

    I think it was this N.Y. Museum owner that reached out to Elon, not the others. Anyway, I expect Elon will be around a while yet, and maybe in due time, those other sites will work with him too.

    1. Mikael says:

      Sure… it’s just a bit strange that you can’t go to the real Tesla museum.

      They have taken the name of a person but failed to honor it. Normally it would be no big deal but with Elon I just expect a bit more.
      It would just have been appropriate to honor his country, relatives and origin in some way.

  11. Steven says:

    Right down the street from my college!

  12. TomArt says:

    This is great! I agree, the supercharger is a nice touch. Maybe a TMC store should open on Long Island nearby?

    I joined the TSC and donated back when insideevs posted the link to the Oatmeal review. The review had included a link, as I recall, to the project (or it was a related link somewhere on the webpage adjacent to the review…whatever).

    I’d like to go up there and participate in one of their weekend volunteering activities (cleaning up the site, for the most part).