Nikola NZT UTV Sandblasts The Competition – Video


Off road in a hurry!

Nikola, the same folks who’d like to clutter the highways with hydrogen-powered semi trucks have a side-by-side UTV side project it’s calling the NZT, and it looks like it’s powerful enough to create its own haboob! Check out this at times cheeky video to see what we mean.

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Nikola UTV

Nikola NZT UTV

While it may still lack a fascia, it sure looks ready to sandblast the competition. All aboard!

You can snag one for $28,900

Video Description via Nikola Motor Company on YouTube:

Introducing the all new Nikola NZT™. The most powerful and sophisticated electric UTV in the world. Turn up the volume & share with your friends; a new beginning is here! Up to 590 direct drive HP, 722 ft lbs of instant torque. The most sophisticated drive-line in the industry, with enhanced safety features and super car acceleration. Unrivaled exterior design and luxurious interior.

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Yes, that was dusting all right.

Wow. Only glaring difference to ICE equivalents is what do you do when you’re hell and gone from charging options?

If only every place on earth had electricity…oh wait, IT DOES!

There’s electricity out in the middle of the desert?

The problem with BEV toys (dirt bikes, side by sides, jet skis, etc.) is that you can’t “delivery” charge to them like to you can delivery a jerry can full of gas or diesel.

They won’t be practical until that problem is solved

Have solar charged battery bans, bluetooth your payment then quick charge. You can put them anywhere.

1/ Deserts aren’t generally littered with petrol stations, either
2/ They tend to be (very) sunny.
Infrastructure requirement needed (as ever) but hardly insurmountable.

Tell that to the Puerto Rican’s!

Seriously this is this things Achilles heel. A lot of the people who I know that go camping out in the desert would have no way to charge this thing unless they brought a big old generator and burned gas just to charge it. Seems kinda silly…

This would be the same Puerto Ricans who received hundreds of Tesla Powerpacks and Powerwalls, yes? I seem to recall someone wrote a rescue message in the debris “SEND TESLA” not “SEND DIESEL.”

The main difference between running out of petrol and battery charge is this: anybody with a mobile phone knows to a 1% accuracy the remaining power left in their battery. ICE vehicles have an E and F, and a couple of dashes in between.

Regardless, I think there is a niche market for the battery equivalent of a jerry can. Perhaps the fine folks at Fluidic Energy will consider this as a one-off. I mean, Scottsdale, AZ has some off-roading.

Recharging is disadvantage, but these have 75, 100 and 125 kWh battery options. It is plenty of range when you don’t go at highway speeds.

Military may make some use of it as well due to low thermal/acoustic signature. It is supposed to fit into their copter.

The same thing you do when you’re the hell and gone from all refueling stations in a ICE I guess … you walk.

Holy Haboob, Batman!

They should put a body over that and it could take some market share from Jeep

I have off roaded at what I believe is this site in Canyonlands Nat’l Park. These trails, except for the 100 mile White Rim Trail, are all within what I would expect the range of this vehicle to be. Usually you are going pretty slow due to trail conditions. These would be much preferable due to quiet and smooth ride. Diesel types jitter like crazy, are really loud, and stink to high heaven. I’m out there for some peace and quiet, to be in nature. These electrics will be much better for all.

I would love to be the first person to race off road in you UTV . Two mo till the gate drops.

Whoo Hoo!! A promo video that shows the client winning!!! Amazing!! OMG!!! I’m so impressed!!

Actual sales numbers will show the truth in due time…

Recharging and the battery being knocked around think about is the range measured by going 50 mph steady or by hitting it full speed then stop then full speed again about 100 times..and when the battery runs down your done for the day ..priced way to high

When a BEV wins the Dakar Rally, then the off-road community will be sold.

we race an electric jr funny car and have 2 electric utv but nothing like that ! I would buy it today…. where do I get one ???

They are now taking reservations at the link at the bottom of this page.

The thing has a 75 100 or 125 kwh battery so it is not exactly going to drain in 5 minutes…
I have seen BEV trucks and sandrails at CAs Empire sand dunes so it wont be the first…
When the battery does drain Yuma is a 20 minute drive and there are quick chargers there…

You people are quite the anti EV FUDsters…

As for being too expensive its ICE competion can sell for 20k or more and the people at the dunes aften have 2 to over 10k in upgrades on them…

I bet if Tesla made it it would be better than sliced bread to you all…

Awesome. And I think they plan to have it be street legal. I could see replacing my 2 seater convertible with this, if they have an option for fully enclosed.

No other SxS UTV will even come close to the power. One could Racebthe hell out of every short course UTV RACE IN AMERICA!#