NHTSA Will Not Formally Investigate Tesla Model S Fire; Finds No Safety Defects


Obviously, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration checks out InsideEVs on a daily basis.

Tesla Model S Has Safety Written All Over It

Tesla Model S Has Safety Written All Over It

As such, the NHTSA surely glanced over this post before deciding that there’s no reason to formally investigate the Tesla Model S fire.

Just days ago, we reported that the NHTSA was gathering data on the Model S fire.  Well, the data gathering is complete and, as we predicted, there’s simply no evidence suggesting that the NHTSA should formally investigate the matter.

The statement issued by the NHTSA is as follows:

“After reviewing all available data, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not found evidence at this time that would indicate the recent battery fire involving a Tesla Model S was the result of a vehicle safety defect or noncompliance with federal safety standards. The agency continually reviews incoming and prior consumer vehicle complaints, as well as other data to identify potential vehicle defect trends and takes appropriate action as necessary.”

The Tesla Model S is safe.  Always has been.  The rare occurrence of a curved metal object impaling the battery with 25 tons of force doesn’t change the fact that the Model S is the safest NHTSA-tested vehicle of all time.

End of story.

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I thought it was a waste-o-time when they made a big hub-bub about the Volt fire too.

We had two fire stories that followed the Volt fire that was proven to be a regular garage fires, though the anti-EV squad did their best to link the stories. “She turned me into a newt!”

I have to say that I was rather pleased with the media’s early coverage of the Tesla fire. Though many reported, (InsideEVs too)(It was after all the first), few were quick to jump to bizarre conclusions.

I think the media will hesitate before jumping to conclusions when it comes to Tesla. Elon Musk has proven that he will not take that kind of behavior lightly!

A bad day for FOX news and Tesla haters :/

That can’t be true! The New York Times had “Experts” state that this is a serious problem that needs to be investigated. 🙂

Those are the experts he meant. They are wondering how they have been proven to be useless, baseless, transparently biased and once again totally irrelevant by this unusual start-up car company called Tesla.

Yeah you right FOX+NYT sad day

What’s with the super-partial, fanboy-style “reporting” here Eric?
Unhappy that your Tesla shares took a hit after this incident, and you’re trying to help a bit?

You’re not. The NHTSA does. By looking at data other than a Youtube video and numerous Tesla press releases, it can come to a conclusion that is much more credible than bloggers can.

This does tremendously more good to EVs and plug-ins in general than rants like “it’s safe, trust my guts (and my portfolio), don’t waste your time”. Remember the Volt fire(s?): some people would surely still bring that up if it had not been for an NHTSA investigation explaining why it was a non-issue.
But apparently you’re too focused on the shiny tree that the Model S is to see the forest. Sad…

Guess I should have added a disclaimer: This writer has never owned a single share of Tesla stock… and it’s too darn expensive now, so I’ll stay Tesla stock-less forever.

…InsideEVs is known to be notoriously cheap

one has to ask….
How fast was this guy going?

Let’s see the same kind of logs that EM posted when one got “Broder’d”.