NHTSA: Tesla Didn’t Request Investigation – We Notified Tesla of Formal Investigation and Requested Automaker’s Cooperation


Tesla Model S Now Under Formal NHTSA Investigation

Tesla Model S Now Under Formal NHTSA Investigation

In his blog post titled “The Mission of Tesla” dated November 18 on TeslaMotors.com, Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote:

Musk Gets Called Out by NHTSA

Musk Gets Called Out by NHTSA

Second, we have requested that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conduct a full investigation as soon as possible into the fire incidents.”

The NHTSA has now made it publicly known that it wholly disagrees with that statement made by Musk.

The following is a statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) posted by Street Insider in regards to the Tesla Model S fires and the NHTSA opening a formal investigation:

“NHTSA’s decision to open any formal investigation is an independent process. In regards to Tesla, the agency notified the automaker of its plans to open a formal investigation and requested their cooperation, which is standard agency practice for all investigations. The automaker agreed to do so.”

NHTSA Administrator David Strickland made this statement to the Detroit News:

NHTSA Disputes Claims Made by Musk

NHTSA Disputes Claims Made by Musk

“Investigations are independent. We have never — in my recollection, before I got to NHTSA (as a Senate staffer) or as administrator — have actually had an automaker ask for a formal investigation, but it causes a couple of implications: If a manufacturer asks me or asks the agency for a formal investigation, you’ve already made a determination that you may have a defect that imposes an unreasonable risk to safety… I don’t think that would ever happen.”

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That is -who Musk is! Genius? YES! In PR!

Even if you are a big Tesla fan, Musk playing fast and loose with the truth is troubling.

If he’s willing to lie about this … what else has he lied about? This is very bad for the company and shareholders should really reign him in before he does it again.

I am a big Tesla fan, it is amazing how the company has achieved what many other new and old car makers have failed at.

Especially because of this I am troubled by the idea of Musk playing fast and loose with the truth.
Not only, as you have said, because one would wonder what else he may have lied about.
If you are going to lie, you would have to be really stupid to tell a lie so easily disprovable.

EVs are finally gaining some traction, but still have too many enemies.
And these enemies should not be handed ammo.

Absolutely. Musk seems personally attracted to spin and image games. Someone in Tesla should place an internal restraining order on him in that respect.

“In regards to Tesla, the agency notified the automaker of its plans to open a formal investigation and requested their cooperation, which is standard agency practice for all investigations. The automaker agreed to do so.”

Still doesn’t mean they didn’t ask first.

Maybe the emails crossed paths.. LOL.

I agree on that. These seem to be disconnected statements. Sounds like NHSTA is pulling a CYOA.

so, the request from Tesla’s Jim Chen and the request from NHTSA occurred on the same day. Both seerm quite beliveable, its an automaker/technology company and a government department, there probably are cumbersome formal notices and less cumbersome informal notices…

Tesla’s twitter posts were reacting to the courtesy informal notice from NHTSA.

Tesla is working very hard to F up its company reputation.

This is just part of a continuing pattern of questionable behavior.

Publically attacking customers who complain about the company’s product

Non-GAAP accounting

Claims about Federal Government crash test results

Claims about who initiated a Federal Government investigation

every one uses non gap accounting. Every time an earnings report comes out the non gaap accounting is mentioned. In many cases GAAP accounting does not give an accurate assesment of what is going on in the company.

Sorry but you can’t bury the GAAP accounting in the report. It must be featured at least as equally prominently with the non-GAAP accounting. Tesla did not do this.

CherylG, did you lose a bunch of $ on Tesla stock? (or are you trying to make a lot of $). Just asking because your behavior regarding any mention of Tesla seems “questionable”.


Are you questioning CherylG’s motives because you have no answer for her assertion that Elon Musk is engaged in a “continuing pattern of questionable behavior”? In other words, you are attacking CherylG’s credibility because you can not disprove what she said about Mr. Musk

Using your reasoning, I could turn the tables and question your motives/credibility by asking you the following: Kdawg, did you lose a bunch of $ on Tesla stock? (or are you trying to make a lot of $). Just asking because your behavior regarding any mention of Tesla seems “questionable”. In other words, are you trying to pump up Tesla’s stock price after it’s recent drop?

“Attacking”..lol, Hyperbole much?

Every mention of Tesla usually brings a negative comment from CherylG. When I see a pattern I call it out. Especially when it’s stuff that I consider making mountains out of mole hills.

Likewise, every mention of Tesla brings a positive fanboy comment from kdawg. When you see a pattern you call it out, except when it’s a “pattern of questionable behavior” by Elon Musk.

You still haven’t said anything regarding Elon Musk’s pattern of behavior, instead you’re still fixated on CherlyG.

“fixated” more hyperbole.

Fanboy = labeling

Actucally, I’ve have been critical of Tesla on many occasion, and have have also praised them when I thought they did something right. But when someone seems to consistently make an effort to poo-poo everything “Tesla”, I’m going to inquire.

I don’t consider Elon Musk to have a pattern of questionable behavior. In fact, I’d say just the opposite. I do consider someone who consistently negatively posts about a company to have an agenda.

What report are you going on about? The only thing that matters is the official 10Q report that is filed with the SEC, which is, but definition GAAP numbers. The Letter to Shareholders talks about the non-GAAP numbers for a very good reason–because of GAAP lease accounting rules, the non-GAAP numbers provide a more accurate view of revenues. Cars under the guaranteed buyback program are treated as leases, so Tesla recognizes the full costs in the qtr the car was built, but has to recognize the revenue from the sale over time. The non-GAAP numbers reflect revenue in the the car gets delivered to the customer.

Investors who don’t do their homework deserve the results they get.

When have Tesla publicly attacked customers who complain about the product? They attacked a few journalists, but not any customers to my knowledge.

Have you ever heard of someone named George Clooney?

The tweet did not attack Mr. Cloney. It just pointed out the silliness of reporting bug from years ago in a 1.0 product.

CherylG, you forgot one.

Claims the quarter inch thick aluminum case protecting the battery is “armor plate.”

sven, I see you too are very anti-Tesla.

FYI, aluminum can be used for armor plating.

Aluminium is used when light weight is a necessity. It is most commonly used on APCs and armoured cars.

(I still think they need to change it to steel)

Wrong. I’m very pro-Tesla, but I’m not always a fan of Elon Musk. I also like Apple products, but wasn’t always a fan of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a genius, but he could also be an jerk at times.

Whatever it is that Elon does to get under some people’s skin, I haven’t experienced it myself. Maybe I’m better at shrugging stuff off, or maybe I just focus more on the technology than the drama/media/circus that so many get roped into.

A quarter inch aluminum plate would not even stop a small caliber bullet from penetrating. The aluminum armor plate on APCs and armored cars is three plus inches thick, not a quarter inch thick. Even at three plus inches, aluminum armor won’t stop large caliber bullets, not to mention RPGs, artillery shells, and other explosive projectiles.

Now all cars have to be bullet proof? Wha?

No, I was just pointing out that a quarter inch of aluminum “armor” would give absolutely NO protection to the occupants of an APC or an amored car. That’s why no APC or armored car would ever use aluminum plate as ridiculously thin as a quarter inch.

I just think Elon Musk was stretching the truth (spinning) when he said the quarter inch thick aluminum protecting the battery was “armor plate.”

I thought that the preferred material used to build light armor is titanium. But what do I know? Next time I will ask kdawg.

I think it not at all unreasonable, that Musk had made the decision to ask NHTSA to review the situation before he was aware that NHTSA had already planned to do the investigation. I’d give Musk the benefit of the doubt…….

Musk will muscle TESLA through this investigation with ease. He’s a slick and savvy businessman.

He said – she said. Let the investigation result speak for themselves.

I’d prefer Elon not fight the slings and arrows of public statements (journalists or others). You can’t out shout the guy with the megaphone.

Words sometimes have narrow specific meanings and sometimes have diverse and less precise meanings. Read the words spoken by Musk and the bureaucrat and you’ll see that most if not all of the comments made here are done so by those that either don’t understand the words or don’t care to accept the intended meaning.

To the gassies: The EVs are coming and there is no way to stop it. Spin and burl all you want but the world changes. I am surely glad to not be in your position of servitude to bitter masters lacking in vision. Their slow and squirming decline will be excruciating for you as they will punish all within reach regardless of skill or loyalty.

“Gassies” LOL.

You just gave me an idea for a new EV.

Behold the Mitsubishi Mylanta.

Or maybe they should get Maylox, Gas-X, and Beano to sponsor the Formula E.