NHTSA Finds No Safety Issue In Tesla Model S Investigation, Says Most Claims Were Fake


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Just as quickly as it started, it came to a halt.

We’re referring to the Tesla Model S faulty suspension claims that blew up the Internet just a couple of days ago.

As we suspected, those vast majority of claims have been found to be fake/fraudulent by the NHTSA, so the matter is now considered close from a safety standpoint.

The NHTSA released a statement to Tesla on the matter, which was conveyed via a Tweet by Elon Musk:

Elon Musk Tweets On NHTSA Findings

Elon Musk Tweets On NHTSA Findings

Furthermore, as we pointed out the other day, most of the logged complaints were fraudulent. Musk Tweeted:

Most Were Fraudulent Claims

Most Were Fraudulent Claims

Musk added one more Tweet:

Musk Tweets

Musk Tweets

And here’s a look at a couple of the false claims found on the NHTSA’s site:

Two Sample Complaints For Front Suspension Failure On Model S

Two Sample Complaints For Front Suspension Failure On Model S

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Just saw a LOCAL newscast carry the first part of the story, where there are bad people at Tesla trying to cover up defective suspension parts.

This is why I hate TV News.

Always significantly behind what’s already happened. And there is no depth / detail to the reporting. Just echo-chamber boilerplate.

Also, when you read, “I AM NO MAKING FRIVOLOUS COMPLAINTS” in a complaint…

One should expect frivolous complaints.

Yes, this one is kinda too obvious to be serious. I mean, if you were making a serious claim, you wouldn’t start by “legitimising” your concern by calling it “not frivolous”. Some people are just… too stupid to give them attention.

So you “hate TV news”.

It must be heck of a strong feeling that it justifies it being called “hate”.

How about just calling it rubbish and moving on? This hate/love speech that is currently all over the web is pollution, IMHO: it creates a false dichotomy where there are so many shades of grey.

I am critical of many TV news. But hate? No that is not warranted.

Both “I hate X” and “X is rubbish” are (or at least ought to be) very strong language. Perhaps oddly, I actually think the latter worse, because it’s phrased as an objective fact, while the former is phrased as a subjective emotion. I get very annoyed when people dismiss an entire line of careful argument with a glib, “Yeah, but X is crap.” OTOH, if they said “Yeah, but I hate X,” I wouldn’t care so much, because at least it’s not *logically* incompatible with opposite opinions, even if it might be ignorant.

Incidentally, I do come very close to actual hate of the media sometimes. This is because the media has an incentive (whether its for attention, popularity or money) to select what it reports based on what will attract an audience. And what attracts an audience? Big changes, highly unusual events, gossip, disasters, isolated cases of misfortune and Donald Trump (who appears to be a combination of all the former). Compare that to what people *need* to be informed about, and you may begin to understand why my feelings towards the media sometimes teeters on hate.

Keep in mind: If I hate something, I do attempt to explain why. 🙂

And yes, hate of today’s media and the lack of real journalism (investigative or otherwise), is an accurate summation of my feelings on the matter.

Also, here’s Bjorn Nyland’s take on the suspension “problem”:

So you can consider his “vlogged” word on youtube, with actual videos on his drives and also regular updates on maintenance explained at length, and what not, OR, I don’t know .. waste time with huge portions of free FUD delivered by the usual suspects ..

Speaking only for myself: I don’t know that I would describe my feelings toward the news media as “hate”, but I certainly do feel a great depth of disgust and contempt for the way they have almost completely abandoned their responsibility for making an ongoing serious effort to only report verified facts; abandoned that so wholly and completely that nearly all “news” shows now freely mix opinion in with what ought to be factual reporting. The First Amendment gives the press a great deal of power, but they have almost completely abandoned any attempt to use that power responsibly. The PBS News Hour and BBC News America are the only two remaining news outlets on U.S. television which still try hard to practice responsible reporting. Fortunately, in magazine reporting, there is a much greater tendency to take the time and effort to verify facts, and to make a clear distinction between reporting news and expressing opinion. For example, Time magazine is still doing a great job with their actual news reports. (I often disagree, even sharply disagree, with editorial opinions expressed… but opinions are not news.) “With great power comes great responsibility.” –Spider-Man (Yeah, it’s from a comic book. That… Read more »

Humble suggestion for Anon: Call up your station and ask to talk to a reporter directly giving the source link. Ask for a full retraction during the news, giving it the same prominence and time they originally gave the story.

At the very least, you could listen to them squirm and invent lame excuses. I would tell them: Your reporters are missing the BIGGER STORY HERE, worthy of a Pulitzer one day: how Big Oil and GM, etc. scam the media all the time because they want to bury Tesla.

NEWS .It boils down to,”Irresponsible & Damaging Reporting” Reporters do Whatever it takes to get their ratings up . News reporters that do not confirm facts and go on hear say ,and put out “False information and News” should be held liable for “DAMAGES” and be automatically brought to Justice upon discovery. BTW…There should Consequences and a “LAW” in Place to “STOP” Irresponsible Reporting..These news People are out of control!

The false reports were submitted by a known anti Tesla/SpaceX/SolarCity troll from Australia who goes by the name “Keef” (Keith) Wivaneff. He’s been spreading this nonsense and more for quite a while.

There is definitely some brigading by this “Keef” guy. Not sure that the reports are actually “ficticious” in that the Teslas were not wrecked and did not have damaged suspensions as either a cause or a result, but they’re definitely not detailed first-person complaints from owners.

The second complaint shown above refers to a black Model S wrecked in North Miami (being sold for salvage on IAAI.com), but the photo link is to Keef’s own collection of Model S wrecks on Flickr, and shows a silver Model S wrecked in Pennsylvania by a guy named Joe Dovi, who actually wrote glowingly about the Model S’s safety when it was hit (twice !) by a speeding sedan.

There’s zero chance that Keef has examined the suspension of either of those cars.

The important issue, which caused this smear campaign to spread like wildfire thru the media, online and otherwise, was the lying claim that Tesla was hiding a history of dangerous problems with its suspension. I regard this as a “swiftboating” smear campaign. Tesla has gone to great efforts to pre-emptively deal with any potential safety issue. Remember the recall they did for a loose bolt on a seat belt retainer; a problem Tesla noticed before any customer had reported it? That is how serious Tesla takes these issues. This smear campaign tried to paint Tesla as a company doing exactly the opposite; as trying to hide a known safety issue. And that is what got my blood boiling over this smear campaign, which was intentionally spread to news media outlets — and even supported by serial Tesla bashers on this very forum! — in what obviously was an effort to manipulate Tesla’s stock price, orchestrated by professional Tesla basher and short-seller Edward Niedermeyer. (The nutjob Keef is also somewhat to blame, but Keef seems to be mentally incompetent and thus probably not responsible for his own actions… unlike Niedermeyer, who knew exactly what he was doing. I really hope the… Read more »

According to discussion on the Tesla Motors Club forum, “Keef” has also created a website detailing a conspiracy theory about SpaceX, claiming the Falcon 9 landings are all faked videos.

This “Keef” guy is a real piece of work, apparently with a personal vendetta against Elon Musk and his companies… not just Tesla Motors.

He appears to me to be clinically insane, but someone on TMC pointed out that he has published a book on the Sun Cube scandal, so it’s possible all the crazy B.S. he’s posting about Tesla and SpaceX is an attempt to get attention for his book, with possibly future books to come, suggesting a profit motive rather than actually being the result of a deranged mind.

Of course, the one doesn’t necessarily preclude the other…

One more hit and run piece by the drive by Rapeorters and Presstitutes. These drive by spoofings should become more common as the competition heats up to the Tesla Model 3 launch. When Tesla is no longer production constrained in 2020, expect the gloves to come off!

Facebook still has “Tesla under investigation” as a trending story. Lazy echo chamber “journalism”

Remeber way back when there used to be newspaper retractions?

The Internet doesn’t retract.

In case anyone wants to tip sec.gov
Just do it.

I am reminded of the concentrated effort by the auto industry to discredit another automotive maverick, the Tucker.

Somehow, though, this seems very… unsophisticated. It seems to be a ham-handed attempt at discrediting Tesla, because of the ease at which the company turned it around and exposed the fraud for what it was.

Like the Tesla, Tucker’s vehicle was well ahead of its time, with safety features that we now see in modern cars; the prototype vehicle successfully protected its driver in a multiple-rollover crash.

The campaign to discredit the Tucker and drive the company out of business was so well executed that even today we don’t know who was responsible.

It was so well organized… there just isn’t the paper trial that there is today.

Shame on these crooks who file such fraudulent cases. Someone should prosecute these people.

I just have a problem with fanboys again suggesting that this s somehow done by the auto-industry, as if they were scared of Tesla …. The manufacturers cannot control what some writers/analysts/stock holders think or write.

This is your lovely stock market talking. That’s the core issue …. Not the competing manufacturers.

Of course the major auto manufacturers aren’t making every effort to roadblock Tesla, and fund FUD concerning their vehicles. Yeah, Right. I have this bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you…

Don’t be silly …. Oh, and keep your bridge.

I checked the PDF version of the submission. It isn’t a sworn document, meaning it doesn’t have a affirmation that you swear to the authenticity under penalty of law.

Since it isn’t a sworn document, any legal action would likely be a civil case, with Tesla suing them if they discovered evidence that there was a willful criminal act of intentionally slandering Tesla in a public and damaging way.

Well, now we know where the Koch brothers funding is being spent….

I was just thinking that. The problem is that the only way there’s a credible headline today, it is going to read “You won’t believe who is behind fake Tesla safety complaints!” and the link to the article is going to be a turtle, drowning in crude oil.

Given all the anti tesla spam here, this is not suprising

It’s hard to take anything seriously when it is written in all caps and contains many grammatical and spelling errors.

Written by a moron, no doubt.

Apparently an angry, overly dramatic, vengeful moron.

ALL CAPS is function of NHTSA data base. Who knows maybe it’s incapable of storing small letters (it may be that old 😉 )

Wow, the haters/shorters have no shame. False reports to NHTSA? Wow.

Yeah, GM — er — they should stop making those false reports!

These reports do not look credible but I don’t see anything “false” about them, unless I miss something. The reporter doesn’t hide the fact that he is not car owner or his name, everything is disclosed. You may call them “garbage” but calling them “false” is not accurate, the photos are real.

The NHTSA seems to disagree. It’s the term they apparently used.

They are false. They had VIN numbers that do not exist. Why do you think the NHTSA is discarding them?

zzzzzzzzzz tried (rather unsuccessfully) to continue his serial anti-Tesla campaign:

“These reports do not look credible but I don’t see anything ‘false’ about them…”

Since you yourself are a serial Tesla basher with no remaining credibility on this website, regularly bashing Tesla and frequently promoting “fool cell” cars, it’s hardly surprising that you’d say that.

Those complaints are so ridiculously fake that I have to wonder if some Tesla fan wanted to drum up some easy controversy that’ll be quickly debunked. No one can be that stupid, can they?

On bigger issue, 3 of 40 were legit complaints. How did they not pose safety problem? Were they just abnormal or were they due to something else? Not galvanic issue?

Oh wow! A false flag conspiracy theory. You just gotta love those.

Keef Wivaneff is no fan of Tesla. His anti-Tesla ranting goes back a ways. If you think it’s just about suspensions, you’re sadly mistaken. Anything and everything Tesla is fair game.

It all suggest to me, a monetary motive and absolutely nothing to do with safety. The way he manipulated the guy with the suspension problem, over on the TMC thread, under the guise of a ‘sympathetic’ ear’, was lower than his usual low.

SparkEV said:

“I have to wonder if some Tesla fan wanted to drum up some easy controversy that’ll be quickly debunked. No one can be that stupid, can they?”

This probably is not due to stupidity. Based on some lunatic ravings about Tesla on both the Tesla Motors Club forum and on Seeking Alpha, the guy who goes by the name “Keef Wivaneff” appears to be mentally unstable.

I’m not at all joking. This guy claims to be on a crusade against what he perceives as “green scams”. If he’s just kidding or just trolling, then he’s a pretty good at consistently pretending to be mentally deranged.

Note that the NHTSA has not stated that the claims were fraudent–only Musk has, and he has a conflict of interest. After he libeled that New York Times reporter I’ve had to take all of his statements with a grain of salt. They are never outright lies, but they’re always chock full of spin, with very liberal interpretations of reality. Unfortunately, some crazy anti-Tesla zealots are similarly wonky, so we end up with these soap opera, Maury Povich like tabloid shanigans which embarrass everyone.

Fortunately, one positive result has emerged out of this whole sordid affair: Tesla no longer prevents customers who have received free repairs from communicating with the NHTSA.

Agreed. Folks are quick to take Elon at his word. I’d wait to actually hear from NHTSA.

You are free to read these “complaints” as they are on the NHTSA website.

There is no active investigation, just the passive data collection, so there is nothing for NHTSA to get back to you on.

Also, the good will agreement never stopped anyone from talking to NHTSA. It certainly didn’t this case, and that agreement can’t stop any owner from talking to the government. Simply, giving away something means other people will whine about not getting something for free too.

Ho many people really want to risk to go to court with their car’s maker to find out if such agreement is enforceable or not? It would be just a waste of money and time for most people, so most would not report any safety issues after signing it. That is why NHTSA demanded to change agreement text and Tesla complied.

You have reading comprehension issues. He didn’t say if they are enforceable or not.

There is NOTHING in the agreement that prevents the owner from talking to the NHTSA or anyone else about defects or issues. It only prevents talking about getting a free/discount repair, that is all.

The NHTSA was not concerned with the goodwill agreement in itself, they were concerned if people may misinterpret the agreement and think it does. So Tesla added clarification in layman’s terms. (To date there is 0 known cases of an owner misinterpreting the agreement to mean they can’t talk to the NHTSA)

zzzzzzzzzz said: “Ho [sic] many people really want to risk to go to court with their car’s maker to find out if such agreement is enforceable or not? It would be just a waste of money and time for most people, so most would not report any safety issues after signing it. That is why NHTSA demanded to change agreement text and Tesla complied.” I see you’re still trying to claim there’s a real issue where none exists. The word “goodwill” appears five times in the section of the so-called “NDA” in question. It’s not an NDA, despite it being called an NDA in discussions about it. It’s an agreement of the sort that many manufacturers, including Tesla, ask someone to sign when the company agrees to repair something that’s out of warranty. That is, they’re going out of their way to make sure they do the right thing by a customer. That sort of “going the extra mile” is called “goodwill” in legal documents. And in return for the company offering this “goodwill”, they ask that the customer sign an agreement that says he won’t go around and blab about it to everybody, because people are petty and if… Read more »

Tesla or Musk claim that Mr. Pete Cordaro lives on dirt road or somehow drives on it regularly looks like outright lie and attempt to smear the owner who was naive enough to pay a fortune to Tesla for a car. They have owner’s address and all the GPS information where and how this car was driven – it is was on paved roads.

Mr. Cordaro states, “The car was never used as an off road vehicle” at: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/suspension-problem-on-model-s.69204/page-9#post-1522129 To the WSJ, he said, ““I live on an asphalt road. My Model S has been on a dirt road only once or twice in its existence.” To the LA Times, he said, “Cordaro said he’s driven his car on dirt roads at most 10 times in the three years he’s had it.” So… never off road. Dirt road once or twice. Dirt roads at most 10 times in 3 years. Mind you, the original post, he says, “driving on a back road at a very low rate of speed, about 5 MPH. The road was rough so my air ride was at it max lift.” So he was driving on a back road where it was rough enough to have the air suspension on max lift and drove only 5 mph. That describes off-road. There’s no disputing that the car had to be towed out from a rough dirt road. It only takes once to damage the rubber seal on the ball joint, then add some salt water from the roads in PA for any car’s ball joint to rust out. Driving off-road increases… Read more »

zzzzzzzzzz continued his FUD campaign:

“Tesla or Musk claim that Mr. Pete Cordaro lives on dirt road or somehow drives on it regularly looks like outright lie…”

No, that would be a factual error. Contrariwise, a lie is when you say something you know to be false.

You know… like very nearly all of your posts to InsideEVs.

“…and attempt to smear the owner…”

Hmmm, no, the only smear attempt here is the attempt by you and other short-sellers and Big Oil shills to smear Tesla’s good name, and its excellent reputation for safety.

Headline should read, “Must tweets that NHTSA investigation closing”.

Tesla no longer prevents customers who have received free repairs from communicating with the NHTSA.

I see you just can’t stop posting FUD about Tesla, can you? Here you’re insinuating that Tesla was stopping people from communicating with NHTSA over any problems with Tesla cars which should be reported.

This despite the fact that the claim which kicked off this whole thing was reported to the NHTSA; a claim filed by someone other than nutjob whose ravings are posted in the article above.

“Four Electrics”, you should include a disclaimer in every one of your posts here that you are a paid stock promoter on Seeking Alpha, a regular Tesla basher and TSLA short-seller named Mark B. Spiegel.

Your agenda here has nothing to do with EVs or Truth. You are here only out of greed.

I wonder if the Securities Exchange Commission will look into this? Don’t know how much is anecdotal and how much is fact about the short sales combined with the fraudulent claims, but that is ripe SEC territory.

And if an investigation starts, then some good Tesla news might be the by-product.

that’s what it looks like…

As Tesla indicated, this is turning out to be more of a stock manipulation scheme by a small group of individuals, that’s about to be exposed by the feds.

The Tesla mud throwers are only ones getting dirty…….. Again.

Sure, and with the SEC track record on prosecuting fraud I think we’re pretty mugh done here.

The original blog post by Tesla ,’A grain of salt’, was full of factual errors. The owner doesn’t live down a long dirt road and has said, car was rarely driven on dirt road. Mr. Musk has admitted (see WSJ article today) that Tesla erred on that fact.
1) When will Mr. Musk post the corrected rebuttal, with an apology issued to the owner, Mr. Pete Cordaro?
2) The extensive dirt road use was used as the reason for the rusted ball joints. What is Tesla’s new excuse now?

Too bad the Doctor is in.

So here we have yet another other serial Tesla FUDster and short-seller, one who writes Tesla bashing blog posts under the name “Value Seeker” on Seeking Alpha, trying to not-so-subtly insinuate that Tesla’s good faith effort at exposing the truth about this smear campaign, Tesla’s good faith effort which did contain a few unimportant factual errors, makes Tesla as bad as people who post lies and half-truths in a greedy effort to manipulate Tesla’s stock to benefit their own short-seller position.

Hey, Tesla also misspelled Edward Niedermeyer’s name. That means we should believe everything that professional stock manipulator and high-profile Tesla basher writes… right?

Tell me “Dr ValueSeeker”, do you look in the mirror and practice a Snidely Whiplash evil laugh after you make one of these FUD posts? Because you’re just about that shallow and that cartoonish.

What a silliness. Since when NHTSA communicates with public over Twitter using Musk account??? This site becomes Musk fanboy blog.

NHTSA just said that they are gathering information, and that is all. Once they’ll have information, they will decide if they should do investigation. The guy who posted 37 reports doesn’t make secret out of it either and denies that they are fake.

Are you one of those trolls making fake reports?

The NHTSA has said there is no issue.

“NHTSA is reviewing the model’s suspension as a routine matter and the company has fully cooperated with requests for information, said Bryan Thomas, the agency’s spokesman. No safety issue has been identified, he said.”


Of course they are fake. He goes and pulls salvage auction photos of Model S’s and makes up crap about them. He doesn’t know anything about the circumstances of the accidents.

And NHTSA does passive data collection on every make and model of vehicle sold in the U.S. There’s nothing further coming from NHTSA on this issue.

zzzzzzzzzz continued his FUD campaign:

“Once they’ll have information, they will decide if they should do investigation”

That’s an outright lie, and you know it. The NHTSA has clearly stated they have determined there is no need for an investigation.

If you continue trying to promote this thoroughly discredited smear campaign, I hope very much that Tesla makes you part of a defamation suit.

“The guy who posted 37 reports doesn’t make secret out of it either and denies that they are fake.”

That nutjob’s denials are about as credible as you denying you’re a shill for Big Oil.

Sounds like some scumbag was shorting the stock. Hope the Feds nail them.

In this article, Inside EVs takes a tweet from Tesla and makes claims of an “investigation” being closed without any corresponding pronouncements from NHTSA.

Did Inside EVs speak with NHTSA and find out what NHTSA did or did not say?

Only two days ago Tesla stated there was “no investigation”. Two days ago, NHTSA said they were only “gathering info”.

Now, according to Inside EVS, there was an investigation, and it’s already been closed.

Surely Inside EVs isn’t just repeating what they read on a tweet from Tesla. I’m sure Inside EVs thoroughly vetted the details with NHTSA first. Inside EVs is not a mouthpiece for Tesla communications.

NHTSA is reviewing the model’s suspension as a routine matter and the company has fully cooperated with requests for information, said Bryan Thomas, the agency’s spokesman. No safety issue has been identified, he said.

The NHTSA has many levels in their chain. They only start an investigation if they find any grounds for an issue. So the first step they take is a review, since most of the complaints were fake and looking at the ones that were not were individual issues like wear and tear, they most likely closed the review with no issues found. It never got to the investigation phase really because it was not warranted.

So, in response to Tesla being the victim of a blatant smear campaign, you’re promoting the attitude that “Tesla is guilty until proven innocent”?


I guess you’ve never heard of the American concept of “Innocent until proven guilty”, since you’re using the opposite yardstick.

But since you seem to think we shouldn’t take Tesla’s word for it — despite the fact that if it’s not true it would be a materially false statement affecting Tesla’s stock price, and therefore would obviously invite an SEC investigation (in other words, it’s simply not credible that Tesla or Elon Musk would lie about this) — here’s a news source that directly quotes a spokesman for the NHTSA. But perhaps you think he’s just a “mouthpiece” for Tesla too?


And yes, I’m being rather snarky today. My back is up over this blatant smear campaign… and over the way that certain people posting comments to InsideEVs are attempting to continue this smear even after it has been made very clear, crystal clear, that there isn’t any “there there”; that it’s just another attempt by a professional stock manipulator and blogger to smear Tesla’s outstanding and hard-earned reputation for safety.


Candid photo of Edward Niedermeyer? …or perhaps one of his InsideEVs minions?

European point of view

The title of this contribution is misleading

“NHTSA Finds No Safety Issue In Tesla Model S Investigation, Says Most Claims Were Fake”.

It is according to Musk.

Waiting for the “more to come” from Niedermeyer .

“European point of view” said:

“The title of this contribution is misleading”

No, it’s entirely accurate. And you appear to be yet another FUDster joining InsideEVs for no purpose other than trying to spread FUD about Tesla, smear Tesla Motors’ good name, and promote your Tesla stock short position.

“[quote]NHTSA Finds No Safety Issue In Tesla Model S Investigation, Says Most Claims Were Fake[unquote].

“It is according to Musk.”

Also according to a NHTSA spokesman.


Or are you gonna claim the NHTSA spokesman is also acting as a mouthpiece for Tesla?

“Waiting for the ‘more to come’ from Niedermeyer.”

Waiting for the SEC to investigate Niedermeyer for his blatant attempt to use fraudulent “evidence”, which he must have known was faked, to manipulate Tesla’s stock price.

insideevs has a right to publish whatever content they want to publish. and if they want to present a pro-tesla slant, it is, of course, their right. however, what is disappointing is the tendency to write unnecessarily loaded language to makes the tesla bias too blatantly clear. a better headline would have stated that no safety issue had been found and the investigation is ongoing. there was no need to throw in loaded allegations of “fake” claims when the nhtsa said no such thing.

European point of view

The real wording of the NHTSA is :

“Tesla has fully cooperated with our requests for information, and NHTSA’s examination of the data is underway,”

so it’s underway .

If you’re going to quote from the article I linked to, then provide the full quote, not just part of it.

The rest of that bit, which you omitted, reads “…NHTSA spokesman Bryan Thomas said in an emailed statement, adding that to date NHTSA has not found any safety issue with Tesla’s suspensions.”

And as a reminder, the title of this article is “NHTSA Finds No Safety Issue In Tesla Model S Investigation, Says Most Claims Were Fake”

…which seems to be a fair summary of what the NHTSA spokesman said, sharply contradicting your assertion upstream a bit that “The title of this contribution is misleading”

Nope, not misleading at all. But your posts here certainly are!

Fortune Magazine rag is at it this am claiming that since a TEsla had damage to its suspension hitting a huge pothole on a dirt road and that there are many dirt roads in the world therefore Teslas are unsuitable for dirt roads.
No mention that probably any car would have sustained equal or probably worse damage on the same pothole and that cars are not designed for huge potholes and if they were they would all be the size of tanks.
Just another attempt by a biased writer in a wall street biased magazine to discredit Tesla.

There are serial Tesla bashers trying to parse Tesla’s response that way on the Tesla Motors Club forum discussion, too. (Hi, tftf! Hi, Dr. ValueSeeker! Make any money on shorting TSLA today?) The phrase in Tesla’s response “such a long dirt road” has caused the bashers to claim that Tesla is saying its warranty doesn’t cover driving on dirt roads. The real issue here — well, one of several issues — is damage to the suspension of a Model S that occurred when driving in what would generally be considered bumpy “offroad terrain”, and the claimant himself said it happened when the MS was going down a “steep hill”. Whether there either did or did not happen to be a dirt road there is frankly not relevant to whether this would be considered “offroad travel” by any reasonable person. I’ve lived and worked on a farm in Western Kansas. My grandparents, who owned the farm, at the time had a Lincoln Continental. We drove that regularly on dirt roads to get to and from the farmhouse, and in the area behind the house where the garage was. Those were flat, well-maintained dirt roads in an area with relatively low annual… Read more »

These bashers are both sickening and make it a practice to twist the truth. I’m hoping some real action is taken against these fools as they deserve it in their attempt to manipulate the stock. I would love for the Securities commission to uncover the plot and prosecute these aholes to the fullest extent of the law. 37 Fraudulent complaints, doesn’t this idiot have anything productive to do in life other than bashing Tesla. There is much more to this story that has yet to surface. Can’t wait till it does. Cordero I would keep watching behind you because at any time the Feds could come knocking. And you claim you signed an NDA but broke it by making it public. You deserve all the negative publicity you are getting. My take is you are probably a liar and a thief.

probably that troll on here lol

“Nope, not misleading at all. But your posts here certainly are!”

doctor, heal thyself..

Dear Jay, please consider adding FUD and FUDster to That list – it might At Least slow down the posters that believe the term has Any Value Whatsoever, after they use it 30 times a day in every imaginable subject against comments that “they don’t like”.

it ain’t the desperately needed IGNORE button (that would require readers to create a real account in order to post, I know) but a step in the right direction — anyone hazard a guess How Many Times FUD et al has appeared here? I phargn Hate lazy shorthand.

A poll of “would you be willing to create an account to post if it allowed you to IGNORE
turrets-syndrome posters?” might be informative.


Your comment is a needed self-policing action, as are other Tesla S and X owners who called him a Jerk-off, and another who said to ‘knock it off’.

He won’t get the message and won’t change, but the benefit is to others.

TMC forum

Reeler, Yesterday at 7:07 PM
sreddy642 said: ↑
I posted this article originally and uploaded these pictures of my car when it failed in our parking lot where my car is the only Tesla. I do have the Tesla invoice with $0.0 charged that clearly acknowledges this failure and shows which parts were replaced.
I think the same thing happened to our early production Model X. This arm was on the driver’s side toward the front of the car. Tesla fixed it for free too.

2016-09-02 16.44.54.jpg 2016-09-02 16.45.07.jpg

: Yesterday, I was parking my Model X90D in the parking garage at work, I was making a sharp turn as I was backing into a parking spot (in manual mode, not autopark), when I heard a bang and my steering became stiff. When I tried moving the car, it felt like it wouldn’t want to move. When I moved forward, the car front part felt like it was lifted up an inch or so. I stopped, got out, got onto my knees and crawled under the front suspension to see what was going on. It was obvious to me that there was a front suspension failure. The wheel appeared to contact the wheel well. I refrained from making any further movement as the wheel well was acting as a giant brake on the tire. This morning, got a call from the service center, they confirmed that the driver side control arm had cracked and was broken. . As a precaution they are replacing the control arm on the passenger side too.. I am surprised that the control arm cracked as the fatigue cycles on the part would have been low. I think when one is making an extreme turn,… Read more »

sreddy642 | September 16, 2016
Tesla delivered the vehicle to my home. Test drove it. Drives like new.

The control arm broke completely at the joint with the spindle. The control arm wraps around a central cylindrical feature and bushing at this joint. I suspect one of the following issues could have happened. 1) an air bubble/flaw/defect in the casting at the spindle hinge may have lead to crack growth and failure. 2) poor loads/stress analysis.

Either way, I hope they conduct a detailed investigation. They did take the passenger side control arm part also and replaced it with a new one. I hope this would help in their forensic investigation – comparing the driver side (broken) and the passenger side (unbroken) parts should reveal some good information. This should lead to detailed inspections on other vehicles having control arms from the same batch and a possible redesign/recall.

I took delivery of this vehicle in May 2016. Had 9947 miles on it at failure. VIN 40xx.