Will An NFL Offensive Tackle Fit Inside A Tesla Roadster? Video


This Detroit Lion gets acquainted with the original Tesla Roadster.

We recently shared What’s Inside Family’s delivery of its used, 2010 Tesla Roadster. Channel host Dan test drove the upcoming Roadster and put a deposit down. Then, he won a Roadster via the Tesla Referral Program, which now happens to be going away in about a week. So, he decided to purchase an original Roadster to add to his growing Tesla collection. Dan is reasonably tall (6’2″), yet he fits comfortably in the tiny, Lotus Elise-based, all-electric two-seater. How about an NFL lineman?

While two-seat convertible roadsters like the Tesla generally offer respectable accommodations for the driver, this is not necessarily the case once a passenger steps in. As you can see from the video, 6-foot-5-inch tall Detroit Lions offensive tackle Tyrell Crosby and Dan both tower over the car. However, its Crosby’s girth that makes getting into the car difficult. Once he’s seated inside next to Dan, the two are quite cozy due to the car’s slim width. Crosby is able to successfully pilot the Roadster, but it’s a cramped situation.

Later in the video, another professional athlete steps into the vehicle. He’s 6’8″ tall, but very slim. Watch the video to see how that goes.

Have you been inside an original Tesla Roadster? Share your stories with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via What’s Inside Family on YouTube:

Will an NFL Lineman Fit Inside a Tesla Roadster?

It’s sleek, powerful and fast – but can an original Tesla Roadster fit someone who is 6’5″ and 315 lbs?

Thank to our friend Tyrell Crosby for helping us with this experiment. Be sure to check him out with the Detroit Lions!

Thanks to Ben from Teslanomics and Zack from JerryRigEverything for helping us with the video.

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Good to see, fun car.

I got to ride in one. I’m 6’2 185lbs and it was difficult to get in and out. You have to plan your approach and act carefully. Fun car to ride in, not sure I would want to drive one.

Much more fun to drive the car. That is what owners of other Teslas don’t understand. They think a performance version of something else is better.

That was one thing that made the car’s relatively high price all worth while. The Lotus base was a Great sports car, in the way that Sports Cars have always traditionally been. It didn’t need Motors-On-Steroids to make it a fun car, and 260 hp was much more than enough.

A friend who owned both told me “I very much like my model ‘S’, but no way is it as fun as the Roadster”.

I’d bet that the oversteroided ‘new Roadster’,for multiples of what I paid for mine, is not nearly as fun. I do like its 640 mile range though.

Oh this was beyond SILLY as a video. I had a 6′ 10″ 400+ lb guy in the driver’s seat, and he drove it around the block a few times. The phoneiness here is that the Driver’s seat is much easier to negotiate than the passenger side. And also, the cloth top roof makes it MUCH MUCH harder to get in the car. My friend could ONLY get in the driver’s seat, and then only with the Cloth Top removed. It was a bit surreal since his adam’s apple was even with the top of the windshield, and it looked like he was driving around a kiddie car since his entire head was totally above the windshield. But he said it was comfortable while he was seated. Getting in and out requires someone to be relatively physically fit, since you are basically sitting on a floor and must levitate yourself under your own strength. His brother-in-law, much more normally sized (6′ 4, 300 lbs) but who had already had suffered a heart attack, didn’t want to chance getting in and out of the car since I warned him before hand it would require effort and therefore, he didn’t want to… Read more »