NextEV Releases Teaser Image Of 1,000 HP Electric Supercar

SEP 29 2016 BY MARK KANE 26

NextEV 1,000 HP Electric Supercar (via MotorAuthority)

NextEV 1,000 HP Electric Supercar (via MotorAuthority)

NextEV 1,000 HP Electric Supercar (via MotorAuthority)

NextEV 1,000 HP Electric Supercar (via MotorAuthority)

NextEV, backed by Chinese Internet giant Tencent, apparently intends to introduce its first electric supercar.

The first images of the 1,000 hp car, which can accelerate 0-60 mph under 3 seconds was released this week through Chinese social media websites.

NextEV is familiar with high performances, having owned a Formula E team. The company also is building electric motor and power electronics in a plant in Nanjing, China.

It’s expected that NextEV will present the concept/prototype in November. Developments are conducted in Germany, while UK is rumored as the production site.

The ultimate goal is however to offer other, more affordable, electric cars with new features, which would make NextEV the 3.0 (compared to Tesla’s 2.0).

source: MotorAuthority

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Off topic Question
Did Nissan said something about a battery upgrade for a 2017 Leaf?

I learned long ago not to trust any concept car from Detroit or Europe. They always disappointed. Next time someone sells you a bridge or a flying car that runs on sunlight, demand a test drive.

Car companies have discovered EV mockups are publicity gold mines. Mark Twain said “a gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar at the bottom.”

I’m waiting for the car to stop and Batman jumps out.

Electric Batman.

Exactly. My first thought was … “I’m Batman”.

Well, if I have learned anything about startup Chinese EV car companies it’s that they can draw very fancy cars.


Real concept cars and/or prototypes can impress us with their capabilities and styling. Computer paintings are just vaporware.

Another batmobile

Vaporware of a useless car that nobody can afford.

Another batmobile?


Am I the only one who noticed that Tesla does from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds? Isn’t that faster than 3? Is it not sold today? And it can seat 7.

That’s what I keep saying! Thanks for beating me to the punch. A 5000 lb family sedan already broke that ground, supercars need to get some new material.

0-60 times are not the only measure of speed.. There are Formula E and even F1 cars that don’t reach 60 as fast as the Telsa, but put them on a track and the Tesla would be obliterated.

There is a difference between fast and quick, yes the Tesla is quicker to 60 but that is only good for drag racing in a straight line a few times. Also, the Tesla cannot do 0-60 in 2.5 while seating 7.

Have you ever tried going 0-60 in 3 seconds? It feels like your skull is being crushed

I love Tesla just as much as the next guy, but it’s not the be-all-end-all car of the universe. I really don’t understand why everyone on this site bashes every electric car company that isn’t Tesla. They are all pushing for zero emission vehicles in the end.. Some are just later to the game.

99.9% recurring of the world never and will never drive a racing car on a racing track.

99.9% of the world won’t ever drive a hyper car, but the ones who do will probably intend to track it. That is the purpose of a car like this.

I don’t think it’s so much bashing on anything that isn’t a Tesla…as it is bashing on things that don’t actually exist.


If some company other than Tesla mass produces a car that can really and truly compete with a Tesla car, then we’ll see lots of positive articles and comments here.

Heck, even Faraday Future got very positive coverage in InsideEVs’ first article on that company, before the evidence started piling up that it’s nothing but a vaporware company.

Where is your EV concept? These aren’t endeavors taken on without planning, there is a lot that goes into producing a car, let alone a fully electric super car.

The site InsideEVs doesn’t appear to be very biased at all in my opinion (unlike Electrek) and does a good job of reporting ev news. The commenters are the biased ones.

Unfortunately there aren’t enough bored billionaires in the world to fund startups like Tesla, but there is considerable progress being made, battery production just has to catch up.

Finally! I was just saying the other day, “When are they ever going to come out with a 1,000 HP EV?”.

You mean like the Rimac long ago? 😀

Don’t forget to add “And make sure it only seats one!” 😉

Ahh! Like so many of us:)

I know Tom Peters wrote a decade or two ago that every company should have some fourteen year old VPs, but I think the Chinese makers have failed to hire anyone above that age..?

What an incredibly strange strategy. Let’s waste as much money as possible building an irrelevant car based on the style over substance principle. And let’s combine this with the most vulgar styling possible.

I seriously doubt they have the tech to make a car as capable as a McLaren P1 or a Porsche 918. They can make it go fast in a straight line, but apparently not as fast as a family sedan or even an SUV. The result is a car that makes the driver look like the idiot he is, an ego-mobile that has little more use than a big billboard screaming LOOK AT ME! to the world.

I think I’d rather drive a diesel than this… smirk.

Yeah, even an SQ5 Diesel with defeat device is better then that artist painting in the picture above.