NextEV Calls Tesla Internet 2.0 – Chinese Automaker Aiming For Internet 3.0

JUL 19 2016 BY MARK KANE 18

NextEV - High-Performance Motor Plant in Nanjing (visualization)

NextEV – High-Performance Motor Plant in Nanjing (visualization)

Chinese company NextEV appreciates Tesla’s “brilliant job“, but doesn’t aim to be next Tesla Motors. Their ambition goes further…why not?

“If the traditional car industry is version 1.0 and Tesla is 2.0, Chinese electric car company NextEV wants to be seen as 3.0”

So who is NextEV and what do they build?

Well truth be told, we don’t know too much about the company, besides that it has Formula E racing team that finished dead last in the second season of the series, and that it has announced high-performance motors & electronic modules plant in Nanjing.  Perhaps, the company might want to take their expectations down just a touch.

Company co-president Martin Leach was recently interviewed by the IBTimes UK and revealed few bold statements.

“Our strategy is quite different to Faraday Future because as you get to understand NextEV, better you will begin to realise we are very much a value driven organisation…we’re not really a car company.”

  • NextEV electric supercar to be unveiled in 2016 and sold in a “small number
  • no concept model – fully working vehicle
  • new business model – “We do want people to own their cars, but we want to make it fun again. We want to take out the pain points that people complain to us about, about the ownership experience today. Not just electric vehicles, but generally

Got all that?  Anyone’s eyes bleeding?  Everyone made it safely through the entire article that really didn’t clear up a whole heck of a lot?  Good.

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Much talk. Show product. Consumer decide if what you say, true.

Tesla to NextEV: “when you can take the pebble from my hand…”

There is an ancient Chinese saying:
“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
I would update that by using the word video, instead. Now how many Chinese ev makers are there who say they are in line to supplant Tesla?

Or “a product is worth a thousand concepts “.
Not sure where that came from. 😉

Well one thing is for sure, and that is in order to just rival Tesla they will need some kind of next gen fast charge network. That is most certainly a big part of anything that will come close to Tesla or for that matter surpass them.

I love a car company that makes a product, not hot air. When all these overfunded startups make a real car that you can purchase, plus have some expectation that they’ll stay in business, then I’ll care. I can’t remember the endless iPhone killers that have come and gone, and still the iPhone outsells them all 8 years on.

Yes and the Toyota Corolla outsells the Porsche 911, your point? I can state plenty of other facts that make android look like a money losing proposition for most manufacturers, lack of updates for most devices, fragmentation that’s a problem for many developers, the fact that even the name and logo of android are stolen etc. why buy the imitation when you can have the original. Same applies to EVs. Talk is cheap, it’s easy to criticize existing manufacturers. Audi at least showed some humility by saying Tesla did everything right. Who do I believe? Audi or some Chinese startup I don’t know much about. I bet Edison destiny will have something similar to say.

What a lame comeback! The dude incorrectly claimed the iPhone is outselling everything else and used this as some strange argument-by-analogy that Tesla can’t be beat by mere Chinese..! Sven was quite right to show the semi-racist jerk that he is in fact 100% wrong!

And then you rush to the liars defense with total nonsense. Samsung doesn’t outsell iPhone because it’s much cheaper (it isn’t). Even if they did, your comeback is simply what’s called “moving the goalposts”. Rather than admit Sven is right, you pretend the debate was about something other than whether iPhone outsells all competitors.

“Sven was quite right to show the semi-racist jerk that he is in fact 100% wrong!”

Why did you inject race into this conversation? What did James say that was even “semi” racist?

Little detail. Apple was not the original. Before there was iPhone there was Blackberry. Apple is now in the same position as Blackberry, old news.

“Our strategy is quite different to Faraday Future…”

Hmmm, no, even before I got to that part of the article, I noticed a distinct similarity to Faraway Faraday Future; a strategy of marketing varporware to investors. Promise the moon based on nothing but a few slickly produced computer paintings and some empty promises.

I think I’ll put up a website promising “Web 5.0”. I’ll be sure to spend a few minutes thinking up some bullet points that sound optimistic. That will make my proposed startup more attractive than NextEV, right? 😉

“Seven… minute… aahhhhbbs”

Who knows?

What seems clear is the company isn’t PUBLICLY divulging any ideas or thoughts that give us any reason to regard them as a “car 3.0” business in any way. And I have to say running around calling yourself great and not even showing what this supposed greatness consists of really just comes off as pathetic.

Lastly, let’s all call them Faraway Future until the day, should it ever happen, that the company presents something *relevant*. The FFZERO strikes me as about as irrelevant as can be…

“And I have to say running around calling yourself great and not even showing what this supposed greatness consists of really just comes off as pathetic.”

And presidential candidate material. 🙂

It’s gunna be HUUUUuuuuuuge. Fantastic, ok? We’ll build the factory right next to a luxury hotel and golf resort that will be real classy.

I am going to make an Internet 4.0 EV. Whatever that means…

Now fund me!!

Internet 4.0 EV = ‘Charges from the Internet’ at 75+ GB/Second! :Δ}