NEXT TWO Debuts – Renault’s Vision For The Autonomous Car (video)

JAN 26 2014 BY JAY COLE 4

Over the next five years Renault will be working on bringing its vision of autonomous driving – the NEXT TWO to the public.  And as a first step, the French auto maker is showing off the NEXT TWO prototype today.

Hopefully Future NEXT TWO Zoe's Will Not Be Made Available In The Color

Hopefully Future NEXT TWO Zoe’s Will Not Be Made Available In The Color

Says Renault:

“Did you know that on average in the world, drivers spend roughly two hours per day in their cars? Imagine all the time you could save for doing other things if you didn’t have to have your hands on the wheel! Reading the newspaper, booking concert tickets, taking part in a video conference… And they’re just a few of the things that drivers of the NEXT TWO prototype could do in traffic jams, in complete safety of course!”

While most “driverless” cars of the future involve vehicles taking there drivers everywhere they have to go – regardless of the situation or the ground to be covered, the NEXT TWO prototype combines “high-speed connectivity with ceded control.”

Put another way, in all those annoying, low speed situations, like traffic jams on the highway (at speeds up to 30 km/h/20mph), the plug-in car drives itself.

As the car senses situations of low impact, it will notify the driver that it can take over.  And when the driver does indeed go “hands free,” he (or she) is then free to “surf the Internet, make appointments, organize his or her day, receive tourist information or view nearby points of interest and interact with them!”

Short video demonstation of the system below:

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If you think that could be dangerous, you REALLY don’t want to come near me when I am driving! 😉

I wish the Zoe was available in green. Not that green though 🙂

Autonomous vehicles will be revolutionary but man that styling and GUI on the touchscreen needs a serious overhaul! Looks like a 90s concept for a future infotainment system, aka so oldschool and uninspiring!

Barking up the wrong tree?

So I’m deeply engrossed in reading insideevs and suddenly the car alerts me that i have to take over FAST? And I’m supposed to react fast enough to not have an accident?

Renault needs to just do a deal with Google, they’ve handled the automated driving 100% of the time. This is the future. An autonomous network of shared transports that you can summon on demand via an app like Uber.