Next Range Rover Evoque Will Be A Plug-In Hybrid

OCT 7 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

Range Rover Evoque (ICE)

Jaguar Land Rover electrification program is moving in fast foward now, as another model is queued up for the company’s plug-in hybrid power-train, as the Evoque will get the ‘PHEV treatment’ after the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

Range Rover Evoque (ICE)

While the Jaguar is fast preparing for the all-electric I-PACE’s arrive in early 2018, Land Rover will be sticking with plug-in hybrid petrol versions, at least for now.

The latest reports point to a new three-cylinder, 1.5-liter petrol engine, 48 V architecture from mild hybrids, and also a lithium-ion HV battery, for the plug-in capabilities of the second generation Evoque.

“Land Rover has refrained from commenting on the model’s arrival date, only reiterating its statement from earlier this year that all of its cars will feature an electrified variant from 2020. But sources believe the Evoque PHEV could arrive in the year before that self-imposed deadline.”

source: Autocar

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According to the more detailed and informative article posted on Electrek three days ago ( this thing has 31 NEDC miles of electric range, which translates to about 20 real-world miles, which wouldn’t even cover my commute.

It also has an option to reserve battery for later, which tells me it’s just a work-around of fossil-fuel bans/taxes in large European cities.

Just as a point, we had that story too already (linked in the story). However, this is for a vehicle AFTER the Range Rover Sport PHEV. They are different vehicles.

From the story: “…as the Evoque will get the ‘PHEV treatment’ after the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.”

Here is our ditty on the Range Rover Sport PHEV previously if interested:

2018 Range Rover Sport PHEV Revealed

Whups! Dunno how I missed that… Sorry.

But my view on both stands: it’s still just a compliance car custom tailored for European city diesel/gas bans.

Agreed – but it’s a step in the right direction, albeit not a solution.

Big auto is dragging this out as long as they can.

48V… My rotary phone worked on 48V 😉

Too bad Evoques are overpriced junk to begin with..

Totally agree, wish I never bought mine. Unbelievable how many electrical issues I’ve had and how poor the ride is for this kind of money.

20 miles from a 13kWh battery is awful. Surely it would get > 2miles/kWh?