Next Nissan Z To Be A Plug-In Hybrid Crossover?


Nissan Juke Takes A Spin On 2 Wheels

Nissan Juke Takes A Spin On 2 Wheels

Autocar expects that Nissan will unveil at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show a new radical next-gen concept Zed – a preview of the 2017 production model that will replace the 370Z.

It will not be evolution, but rather revolution.

It could be sports crossover/baby SUV (size of a Nissan Juke) with some chance of it being a plug-in hybrid (all that is speculation).

Zed could be based on the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s new CMF B platform:

“The new platform has the flexibility to accommodate hybrid powertrains, so it’s possible the concept at least will showcase a set-up featuring an electric motor to drive one of the axles.”

Changes from 370Z to sports crossover sounds familiar to Mitsubishi’s idea of making a small plug-in hybrid SUV instead of a new EVO.

Source: Autocar

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I guess there aren’t enough people who can still fit in a sportscar to make it worth keeping. Pretty disgusting.

If Nissan makes the Z an SUV, then they’re dead to me.

Nissan should have a plug-in CUV and sportscar but they shouldn’t be the same vehicle.

My old 240 should be replaced soon and id love to get a PHEV Z or 240. Just keep it under $40 for the Base Model.

Sounds like a good time to put the Esflow in production.

If they were smart they would just release a full battery model…see how it sells.

This is like GM announcing that the next Camaro will actually be a minivan.

It’s shameful and I hope it’s not true.

It’s always very difficult to create/maintain a halo car, and Nissan has had a tougher time – if your best effort can barely compete against competitors so that people stand in line Not to buy it, it is a whale of an expense for no sound returns..
Most 2+(haha)2 offerings are hanging by a thread these days-they need a gob of press and performance to garner the 13 sales they achieve. The last several Zs have been as memorable and notable as my last can of tomato soup, IMO.

I did laugh out loudly at your analogy, but:
no, GM didn’t make it a minivan, but when the car made NO sense in performance Or looks, and people stood in line Not to buy it, the Camaro/Firebird died a quiet and utterly forgettable death.

Could be interesting to see a full electric Nissan 370Z with 370 hp, 60 kWh, 1.6 Tons and all this for 50.000 $.
That could be a big jump for Nissan.

I like the idea of the Esflow becoming a 240z… retro styled a little maybe?