Next-Generation Porsche 911 To Get PHEV Setup


The Porsche Mission E, A Pure Electric Supercar Had Its World Premier At The 2015 IAA

The Porsche Mission E, A Pure Electric Supercar Had Its World Premier At The 2015 IAA

When the next-generation Porsche 911 gets a plug-in hybrid powertrain starting in 2020, the plug-in revolution will officially be at full tilt.

Years ago, never in our wildest dreams could we have expected that the 911 would get electrified and even Porsche execs discredited the idea time and time again.

But now, Porsche is warming up to the idea that the 911 will see electrification in its near future.

While Speaking to Auto Express at the 2016 NAIAS, 911 engineering boss Dr. Erhard Mossle stated:

“We are, of course, working on different solutions and we’re also working on an all-electric car.”

“And of course, we are discussing plug-in solutions for the 911, but there are a lot of things to solve with packaging in the car and other things to solve. It will maybe be in the next generation, yes.”

“When we see the 911 we see the plug-in hybrid as a performance car – it will always be for performance.”

“918 Spider was a good example and our race car is a good example – it’s the most sophisticated race car. So we are at the front when it comes to any systems like this.”

So, it seems that soon Porsche will have a plug-in hybrid 911 to sell alongside its pure electric Mission E.

The times they are a-changin’…

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Will they have a next generation? I thought that they already planed for a pay cut just to stay alive.

Hi Maintanence Junk!

I’m starting to think Porche doesn’t have to offer much range, for a compelling 911 PHEV. We need a new racing series formula, but even without it, this car will sell more for what electrification can do for performance (big flat torque), than it will on its range. Besides, where are you going to put 15kwh in the short wheelbase, rear-weighted classic?

..Porsche, not Porche

Looks like the BMW i8 sales numbers and the ability to drive in stealth mode, are causing some folks at Porsche to reconsider their current path.

Maybe 911 PHEV will borrow some of that 918 technology!

Wonder what became of the pure EV Boxster-e. Remember that one? Guess it was just for testing.

Yawn. All cars should be at minimum a PHEV, with full BEV models.

This is where regulation plays a role in forcing auto makers to use the existing developed technology throughout their model range.