Next-Generation Nissan LEAF Rendered


Renderer Theophilus Chin is the man responsible for these images of the next-generation Nissan LEAF.Β  Chin states:

“The existing Nissan LEAF is no beauty. I’m not expecting the new one to win any beauty contest either. Here’s my impression of the next LEAF, a combination of the Murano and Pulsar.”

Check out the Nissan Pulsar here.

Next-Generation Nissan LEAF Rendering

Next-Generation Nissan LEAF Rendering

While we aren’t sure if the next-gen LEAF will resemble these renderings, we do know that it’ll offer substantially improved range and that there’s a chance it’ll be offered in both 5-door hatchback and crossover versions.

You’ll find more info on the next-gen LEAF here.

*Renderings by Theophilus Chin

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It’s not wild, which make it believable, but it looks like a fancied Nissan Pulsar.

If someone saw this compared to a bog-standard Pulsar with a €1500 difference in price, then that would raise some many eyebrows!

A man can dream, though. A man can dream…


Definitely looks cooler than the current model.. pity this is just somebody’s imagination and not a real product.

Looks like Ford focus

Exactly. That’s a nissanized Focus.

What is the point with all these “renderings”? It’s just a random car that has nothing to do with Nissan (in this case, it could just as well be a rendering of the model 3, VW Golf or any other brand/car).
Unless this Theophilus works as a car designer at Nissan this rendering is completely useless!



I like having new stuff to click throughout the day.

If you don’t like then don’t click.

As long as article does not say “leaked” from Nissan independent renderings are cool to look at as guesstimates.

@Someone; What’s the point with all these comments complaining about the renderings!? πŸ˜›

(I can be cranky too. Just enjoy the art and creativity, good or bad)

Not really. The only reason I clicked this in the first place was to complain “what is the point?”

Evidently, I’m not the only one. needs to stop posting wild speculation on all manner of topics.

You can pretty much remove the badges from this and slap any other company on it and call it the next gen ____ car. Agree 100% its worthless.

Yes, this ‘rendering’ is not newsworthy. The side window line copies the Bolt, with the upswept beltline in the rearmost window.

The mirai, the bolt and the leaf had a threesome and this was the result.

Please, please, PLEASE stop with these silly “renderings” articles. They are meaningless at best and when they get picked up by other sites they quickly get interpreted as real.


Mr. Chin… My hats off to you. You’ve done more to improve the design and appeal of the Leaf, over anything Nissan itself has accomplished, since the Leaf was first introduced.

Excellent work. πŸ™‚

Improvement is virtually a given when the bar is low.

Well, it *did* come from the same designers who brought us the Juke and the Cube.

Of course this rendering is just an aesthetic exercise not beholden to any real-world utility of passenger and cargo volume or more importantly aerodynamics.

For all anyone knows including Mr. Chin himself is that the cd of this particular design could be well over .30 with a cda of 7.

That charge port door is large enough to house a CHaDEMO, J1772, SAE combo and Tesla supercharger outlets, along with room for a beverage dispenser and rotisserie chicken oven.

Well, maybe a rotisserie Cornish game hen oven. πŸ˜‰

Station wagon Leaf!
Well at least there will be room in the trunk.

Except for the center of the nose (the opening for the charger/connector), I think this is remarkably close to the real thing. Think of it as a bigger version of the Sway concept car from Geneva in March: (Search for “Nissan Sway Geneva 2015” and you’ll get tons of pictures)

That one’s very appropriate for something that’s as vapourous as what the next model year Leaf is going to look like before Nissan gives us a look at the finished product at TIAS.

give this 200 miles range liquid cooled battery and you have a winner….

That would be acceptable.

An artist speculates there opinion using photoshop.
Some blog post publishes to get page view and gather opinion on more speculation.

Not a single fact has been verified or presented by the owner of the brand.

So why is the Pulsar and Murando considered to be the reference for a future LEAF? The size of these vehicles market do not seem to overlay with customers purchasing LEAFs.

Total tabloid junk …

Why the sodding hell are Nissan beating around the bush? The Sway concept looks delicious. All they have to do is design future Leaf vehicles around that and they’ve got a winner.

When was the last time you noticed a Ford Focus Electric in traffic?

That’s why. Nobody will know what’s under the hood if you don’t make it look different.

Nissan Pulsar hatch and Nissan LEAF are very similar, if you see them side by side in real life it quite apparent they are the same car but the LEAF has premium details (like the glass near the side mirrors, and the front headlights)

The Murano seems to embody Nissan’s current/upcoming design language, its also kinda like a large size hatch (SUV)

I like this rendering. I would drive this car. It beats the looks of my ex 2011 Leaf.

I like these rendering articles when the renderings look good and hate them when they don’t.

I like it!!

At least this unofficial rendering, unlike some of the very amateurish ones posted at InsideEVs for the Tesla Model ≑, does not make me wish for a spoon with which to gouge out my eyes! πŸ˜€

It’s just a Murano with a charge port in front. where’s the creativity?

Well, this is a rendering that as been inspire by some real work done by Nissan.

So it actually closer to the real thing than you think.

Can’t find the link!

Just bad, because I love the look of my 2012 Leaf, and I ain’t alone