Next-Generation BMW i8 To Crank Out 750 HP?


BMW i8

BMW i8

Apparently, BMW’s next-gen i8 may pack a 750 hp punch. BMW Blog found that info buried in a report by Automobile Magazine that focused on the future i8 that may be released after 2020.

BMW i8 Concept Spyder

BMW i8 Concept Spyder

If this happens, the BMW i8 will be in the ranks with the latest, just announced Tesla Model S P100D (details).

We have yet to hear the exact output for the new 100 kWh Model S (its higher), but the standard 90 kWh Model S boasts 469 hp and with added Ludicrous Mode it is up to 539 hp.

We do know that the lastest version of the all-electric luxury brings 0 to 60 mph up in just 2.5 seconds, and possibly has the best 0-30 mph figures of any four-door production car ever.

The i8 of today offers a turbocharged, three-cylinder, 1.5-liter ICE engine to back up the electric motor. The current combined output is 362 hp. The two-seater’s all-electric range is only 22 miles and cannot exceed 75 mph. 0-60 figures are well over four seconds.

How does BMW intend to nearly double the output?

The report claims that the ICE will go away, replaced by three electric motors (high-revving at 25,000 rpm a piece) and higher capacity batteries, pushing 300-miles of electric range.

In addition to the above, the report includes that the future i8 will have a road-scanning active suspension, torque vectoring, and four-wheel drive with four-wheel steering.

Between now and 2020 or so, BMW still has plans to release a newly-designed i8 with a fresh look. It is likely to have an updated powertrain that BMW is now testing in a prototype fleet. Reports and sources say that the upgraded electric motor will give the upcoming vehicle a ten percent bump in horsepower to 420.

Source: BMW Blog

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Between right now and 2020 it seems a ton of upgrades are going to hit all of the current EV cars. Great news for new car buyers.

Going to be interesting to see how far down the resale goes on the current fleets.

Sports cars will big upgrades over 5-10 years. Current energy density is only acceptable in passenger cars. The i8’s gains before becoming all-battery will have to be measured in wh/kg, among other things.

A 1,000lb battery that quickly over-heats, and cooks brakes, is the state of BEV sports car today.

400hp in i8.2 is plenty. For how long? It’s 5kwh onboard storage is empty in like a little more than a lap. Right?

Recent Model S 90 kWh versions with Ludicrous mode have been putting out 510 kW maximum, or 684 hp.

And now the Leicester players are all tearing their hair out!

Forget the rest ,TESLA’s BEST!!!!!!These are all Mickey Mouse efforts put forth by these inferior, so called EV car makers?
cheers !

It’s not sophisticated technology to have a huge battery in a 5000lb sedan. Yes, other manufacturers could do it, but intentonally don’t right now. In fact, the next vehicle you are most likely to find big batteries in a heavy EV is with the Chinese BYD sedan. Watch the Youtube videos, there is just as much technology involved with the i8 construction as the Tesla. Acura went right ahead and produced a podium finishing NSX BEV prototype for Pikes Peak, not an easy task. Probably would have taken all Tesla could muster to produce something like that. Phenomenenal torque vectoring handling, fast as hell.All from a company that doesn’t even make a BEV. So for those of you that fool yourselves into thinking Tesla is light years ahead in technology, think again. When other established makers truly make the effort, there is nothing stopping them from producing a car equal or superior to Teslas.

Well whats stopping them is the simple fact that they dont have the knowhow. Nor the production resources. So yes. Tesla is light years ahead.

Wrong, they do have the know how. The i8 is just as advanced as the Model S. It’s just that the i8 is more similar to a P1, 918, LaFerrari in design, but to a smaller scale in both the power output, and the $1 million dollar price tag of the others.

I agree, they did have the know how, just the didn’t have the know so well how. They didn’t want to make a full electric car that could be clearly worse than the Model S. Now they are pushed by other brands that already have a full electric hyper-car or that will have. This hyper-cars don’t do many hundreds of km on the highway. They are transported in trucks. The extra torque and lower range of electric cars is perfect for this configuration, just like Rimac is proving right now. BMW could do a good business buying the Croatian company.

Everyone also waited for Nokia’s “iPhone killer” that never came. It was considered to be easy for Nokia to produce a better phone. It wasn’t.

Because the Ex-MS exec who was in charge at Nokia sold the Nokia out to MS?

If this turns out to be true Tesla will have a serious competitor on their hands. Of course it’s not the same type of car, the model S is still a family car and this is not so that is in Tesla’s favor but not all model S customer want the family aspect of it, some want the performance. Then again Tesla will probably have updated the model S quite a bit by 2020.

Exactly. 2020 is four years away. Tesla might have released Roadster 2.0 by then.

And a P120D that weighs closer to 4,000 lbs.

Four years in the future is awfully nebulous for an auto maker. If BMW does sell a car in 2020 with 750 HP, then bully for them.

But if you go back and look at all the plans that auto makers announced in 2012, and compare those to what those auto makers are or will be selling this year… then I think you’ll find the batting average is pretty low.

Actions speak louder than words.

I3 was announced a couple years early and it was delivered.BMW may actually be better at meeting target days than Tesla. With sophisticated engine design, BMW has won more international engine of the year awards than just about anybody. These engines are much more complex than an electric motor, so BMW can easily excel in that category. I believe the i3 electric motor did win some technical award in its class.

Actually 2nd place is not even close on the engine awards.

And the 3 cylinder BMW engine won it class in the crowded 1.5 l category.

I hope BMW is committing to all electric. It would be fantastic to see an i8 with great performance and still gets EPA rated “300-miles of electric range”.

As far as BMW making complex gas engines so they should be able to easily make an electric motor … the i3 is a $42K base model made out of carbon fiber plastic and it couldn’t even manage to get as many EPA rated miles as a first gen Nissan Leaf. People can talk performance all day long, but who cares if the vehicle isn’t appealing to a larger segment.

I hope your right, but I’m not drinking the kool-aid. This is a “seeing is believing” situation.

BMW didn’t even announce this, and certainly not for 2020. It’s a “leaked” potential i8 configuration sometime AFTER 2020. The article I read estimated 2023. Fun to think about, but that’s about it.

I thought it was always the complaint that Americans were horsepower crazy.

The appeal of the I8 to me was that it was *NOT* over-horsepowered, the recorded engine sounds not withstanding.

The devil is in the details, but all this fanciful stuff might not come supercheap, and if $135k was barely within someone’s budget, it looks like the new model will not be.