Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Might Do 0 To 60 MPH In 2 Seconds Or Less

4 months ago by Jeff Perez 32

Omni Auto Tesla Roadster Render

Assuming it comes from the factory with Maximum Plaid mode.

Omni Auto Tesla Roadster Render

Tesla CEO Elon Musk admits that a new Roadster is still “some years away” following the original example’s retirement in 2012. But as we get closer to the eventual release date of the long-awaited open-top sports car, more details are coming to the forefront, giving us even more reason to be excited.

According to a report from Electrek, the new Roadster is rumored to be able to hit 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in under two seconds. It will come from the factory with a “Maximum Plaid” mode, surpassing even “Ludicrous” mode, with the guarantee that it will best the 2.5-second 0-60 time found on the Model S.

Naturally, CEO Elon Musk weighed in on Twitter, saying that a 2.0-second target would be “interesting,” but that it would “only count if capable of doing so right off the production line with street legal tires.” Previously Musk stated that the new Roadster will be “the fastest Tesla.”

Already we know that the new Roadster will likely be based on the upcoming Model 3, featuring many of the same components, and is slated for a debut sometime in 2019… if we’re lucky. It’s all part of “Master Plan, Part Deux,” which will also include an electric semi-truck, a bus, and the new Model Y small SUV.

When it does debut, Nordic Countries Manager for Tesla, Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, admits that it will “look a little different,” and “will be a little faster and a little bigger.” The rendering above gives us a better idea as to the new look, using the Model 3 as its base.

Source: Electrek

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32 responses to "Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Might Do 0 To 60 MPH In 2 Seconds Or Less"

  1. Bacardi says:

    Multiple sites believe sub-2 seconds is not possible on the street with the CURRENT street tires…If tire tech IMPROVES then it could be possible…

    1. John says:

      Simple Fix.

      Tesla will just start making their own tires as well! (I think I’m joking)

    2. Nix says:

      Both of those stories rely upon the same brake test on a Corvette with one particular brand of tire that comes on the Corvette (Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires).

      There are a number of ASSumptions built into that methodology which may not be true.

      1) That suspension and steering geometry on the Corvette are 100% optimal under braking for 100% even distribution of force on the tire tread on all 4 tires under heavy braking. This likely isn’t true. Typically factors like tow-in, camber, and the rotational weight shift to the front wheels will keep there from being 100% even distribution at all 4 contact points.

      2) This assumes that traction loss with electric motors under acceleration can’t be controlled any bit better than ABS can prevent traction loss under braking. So far, car makers haven’t been able to control ICE engines well enough to prevent traction loss better than ABS, but there is some evidence that electric motors will be easier to control traction loss, perhaps beating ABS in maximum traction.

      3) It assumes that suspension can’t be tuned any better than the Corvette under braking. But with the Hellcat they are doing specific suspension changes that maximizes acceleration. Fast adjusting suspension may be able to optimize for acceleration when under hard acceleration.


      Basically they are giving the max for the Corvette, with those tires, under those exact conditions.

      It is no more a measure of a theoretical maximum, than if in the 1970’s you took a Jaguar and tested the braking distance, and then use that to use the same math to calculate the max acceleration. Then claimed that no other car would ever be able to accelerate faster than a Jaguar can brake.

  2. KevinZ says:

    If you remember the Datsun 280Z, it was a huge success because it was good looking, had some performance, and was priced for the masses.

    1. CLIVE says:

      And was very simple, something a car is far from being today.

    2. Rob Stark says:

      Tesla is not Nissan.

      Nor is it trying to be.

      Sports cars are not for making Tesla Money.

      Sports cars for Tesla is about brand image and free advertising. A halo product.

  3. Four Electrics says:

    Public roads should not be treated as amusement parks. Two seconds is a de facto roller coaster that should not be allowed on the street. Human reaction time and is not sufficient to control such a thing. Save the accidents. Save putting your passenger in a neck brace. Just stop.

    1. CLIVE says:

      Good Lord!

      Time for a walker old man…!!

      1. SparkEV says:

        LOL. Yup, 4E would want to ban any car capable of going over 55 MPH. I mean, that’s like 80 feet per second!

      2. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:


    2. AlphaEdge says:

      I agree with you Four Electrics.

      I really don’t get this obsession over speed.

      1. ffbj says:

        It’s silly, but people will keep buying cars with way more power than they need.

      2. JIMJFOX says:

        It’s a boy thing; all testosterone, no brain. Persuade them all to get aboard 200 hp superbikes and the problem will self-solve.

      3. CLIVE says:

        Great, a Walker for you too!!

    3. JustWilliamPDX says:

      Uhm, no.

      Do I respect a single occupant in a massive SUV that will never be used to ferry 7 passengers off road? Not at all. But neither do I want outlaw such choices.

      Personally, I love cars and drive with enthusiasm. A fun to drive EV has allowed me to marry that passion with my ecological one. It isn’t media outlets like this that have made Tesla a hit with well-heeled car buyers that would otherwise purchase a similarly priced Audi, BMW or Mercedes Benz.
      It’s the praise from both traditional auto enthusiast and “lifestyle” publications they were already in tune with.

      Some have suggested that you are specifically anti Tesla. Others that you are elderly. I simply doubt that you’d be any fun if I met you at a party.

      1. JIMJFOX says:

        Here’s a little secret–
        Fun people you meet at parties are called…


      2. JIMJFOX says:

        7 seat monster off-roads need not be banned- just taxed every which way [say2-300% of initial price] to dissuade rich twerps from buying them.

  4. Warren Hurd says:

    Pretty car. I would take a slower one though.

    1. JustWilliamPDX says:

      Precisely! That’s why traditional enthusiast vehicles generally offer a high performance “halo” specification. They may sell far more units of the basic model, but it’s the “flash” and image of the halo model that gets the attention, brings in the buyers, and builds the brand.

  5. DJ says:

    Oh, all this talk about 2020, 2022, oh enough with the BS already.

    Oh wait, we’re talking about Tesla. Never mind more articles like this please 😀

  6. CDAVIS says:

    1.89sec…perhaps Musk’s Caps Boost Bank itch gets scratched?…just need figure out the DOT street legal tire thing…”Tesla Tire” in the works?

  7. AlphaEdge says:


    1. 0-60: 0.6 Seconds: Killacycle Spec! Can you dig it?

    2. JustWilliamPDX says:

      Tesla has done quite well by emphasizing class leading performance. Are you suggesting they should give up that leadership? You don’t have to personally need or desire such capabilities yourself to realize that they are of benefit to both profitability and reputation for Tesla.

      I’m disappointed that Tesla has zero plans to produce the type of subcompact “hot hatch” that I have been buying and enjoying since the late 1970s. But I respect and appreciate that they design and build fantastic products in profitable segments. Tesla is absolutely eating market share from the plates of high end brands, and by their own admission it isn’t due to traditional concepts of luxury. Performance gets the headlines and characterizes the brand. Why on earth would they give that up after working so hard to establish it?

      1. AlphaEdge says:

        > Tesla has done quite well by emphasizing class leading performance. Are you suggesting they should give up that leadership?

        Yeah I’m suggesting that, and I also think it will not have a huge effect on sales. You don’t have to be the fastest.

  8. leafowner says:

    It’s all about bragging rights……

    1. JustWilliamPDX says:

      Precisely. Basic requirement for every premium good.

      Tesla is not outselling established players in the segment on green values alone. It succeeds by being quantifiably better than it’s competition in attention grabbing categories that have little to do with need or practicality.

  9. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    At what point will drivers be required to spend at least 30 hours in an astronaut training centrifuge before they are allowed to drive the car?

    Will that come at 0-60 in 02.0 seconds? 1.9? 1.8?

    More seriously, I hope the seats have a really solid head rest.

  10. Nix says:

    Hopefully they will have different trim levels with different battery packs and motors.

    I think they could sell more units with something more in the Mazda Miata/Toyota 86 price range, than in the Porsche 911 price range.

    Maybe they just have a target on the back of the 911 that Tesla is aimed at? I don’t know.

    1. BenG says:

      Sounds like they have a sports-car flagship in mind that would rival the 911, not the Miata.

      I would love to see a Miata rival, but the price/performance/range is more of a challenge at the low end, where packaging a battery capable of 200+ mile range doesn’t mesh very well with the Miata’s $25,000 base price, which is itself more than $8,000 lower than the cheapest BMW 3 series that Tesla is targeting with the Model 3.

      It’s not beyond imagination that Tesla could engineer and build a Miata competitor as battery prices come down over the next 5 years, but I doubt that we’ll see it.

      1. Well, since the Model 3 is not supposed to be the Model S Killer Car, but rather, simply an Electric Car that does a giod job of solving many basic EV Challenges O.K., maybe a more sedate 2 Seat Sporty car COULD be build when Tesla can get both Cells AND Battery Packs done fir under $50 per kWh!

        Musk already hinted they would not go down in price below $35,000, though! So that ‘Low Cost 2 Seat Sports Car’ car would also have to await the rise in price of the Miata some, to be a closer target!

  11. Josh Bryant says:

    This is what I heard RE:2nd gen Roadster from a Tesla exec ~4 years ago:

    – Format would be a 2+2 sports car, to go toe-2-toe with 911 (not sure if it would be roadster only or have hard top options)

    – Priced below the line of 911 vehicles ($90k – $150k), think more like Corvette pricing ($60k – $90k). Based on Tesla prices creeping up in the past, this may end up priced just like 911.

    – Would not be offered until the 0 – 60 times could not be physically matched by an ICE. Think AWD, sub 2.0 second 0 – 60 on street tires. They had a Roadster 1st gen with an AWD Model S drivetrain (before D models were released) doing sub 2.0 second 0 – 60 back then. They just couldn’t solve the traction issue. I think they need lighter battery packs because F=MA and all. Hence waiting until after Model 3/Y.

    Keep in mind this info was before the D and Autopilot announcement, before Model X, before Gigafactory, before Tesla Energy, etc. I am sure lots of ideas have changed, but that was Musk’s original vision for the car.

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