Next-Gen Tesla Model S Rendered In Striking Form


Still a long way from production guise, but it paints a pretty interesting picture

Tesla is still years away from revealing the second-generation of the Model S. However, fans all across the world are already delivering their visions of how the next generation of this all-electric full-size sedan should look like. And some of these visions, translated into rather feasible renderings, do look pretty good.

What we have here is a design by Emre Husmen, who envisioned a much more aerodynamic exterior for the vehicle. His design boasts a sweeping roofline, aero surfaces, a set of C-shaped front laser lights, C-shaped OLED rear lights and a lot of sharp edges. He improves on the rather outdated design (by car industry standards) with careful implementation of modern vehicle design cues, but tends to keep well-known Model S design cues. While the resulting design may be pretty busy, the vehicle does exert some design cues that could find its way into a production model sometime in the future.

For the interior, Emre went with a lot of leather and contrast stitching, giving the Model S a lot more premium look. Matching his vision is a massive 19-inch curved dashboard display, followed by the driver display cluster and two smaller LED screens on each side of the steering wheel. According to several reports, with the upgrades set to arrive in late 2019, both the Model S and the Model X will receive Model 3 inspired interiors, probably doing away with the smaller, behind the steering wheel screen altogether.

According to Husmen, this new Model S would also integrate with Level 5 autonomous driving technology and an “intelligent traction system,” allowing users to choose between FWD, RWD and AWD options. From the aggressive design of his rendering, we envision the Model S to become an even more performance-oriented machine. You can check Emre’s design vision in the media gallery right below.

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100% Crack Pipe! I can’t say how much I hate it.

Tesla designs are incredible because they’re modern, timeless and classic.

This looks intentionally trendy, very much like recent Korean cars.

It’s amazing how a few simple changes can make a design go from best in the world to undesirable.

Couldn’t agree more, this design is pedestrian.

13 year old boy racer design.

Tesla should have the elegance of a Jag.
The looks should match the smooth Panther like performance.

Definitely agree with the Korean car connection. This rendering will look dated within 4 years.

The rendering dude is chief of design for Lexus. The lines and curves totally make the car looke cheap. Don’t think Musk even allows this crap!

The original nose cone of Model S was horrible.

That is actually pretty attractive! Sure, tone down some of the vents and definitely ditch the ones that look like exhaust pipes, then smooth out the spoiler at the rear (which would be pretty high drag as it is) and this could be a solid production design! I would be amazed, however, if the TMS2 has a front grille though. Although it could be used to hide a lot of sensors…

The rear is a huge improvement over the current and front is nice enough, but the midsection is just trendy design gimmick nonsense. The design should be timeless, not contemporary. The creased, twisted sheetmetal look will look dated soon enough. The same goes for all the vents and holes in things.

Needs more focus on shape, less on “lines”, IMO.

I’m sure Franz will get THE EXTERIOR right.

Rear end looks like an Audi RS7.

which is a copy of an Opel GT.

It’s like I’m talking to myself..

No one’s judging

Beautifully Improved

If the design is not done by Tesla, the car will not look like this at all.

While not perfect, this study should get this guy an interview, because it is pretty good.

I agree, the guy has an eye for automotive design.
Wish he did Mustang or Camaro instead of Tesla.

Horrible. Looks like a Nissan. Please lets just have actual news here or even speculation on the news, rather than every wannabee car designers guess or wish for what a car will look like in three or four years time.

Just looks like the run of the mill import sedan to me, Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Kia Stinger. I doubt it’ll look like this. The faux grill will be gone and there’s no reason to have a long front. I think it’ll take more design cues from the Roadster 2. I can also see with the new 2170 battery, it’ll be not as wide.

“who envisioned a much more aerodynamic exterior.” I’m not sure that “aerodynamic” is used correctly in this context – “flashy and inappropriately aggressive” may be more appropriate terms. 😏

People can render all they want but drag coefficient is likely top priority rather than design

Anything anyone does to redesign the appearance of the rear of the Model S is an improvement. In my opinion. I think the current design with that ugly horizontal chrome piece that looks straight out of stuck on, add on South Central LA auto parts store stick on chrome ghetto look. lol I always shake my head when I see a Model S going down the road. Such a stupid design accent on such a nice car.

Tesla curves are more elegant than sporty, they need to keep it that way. This looks like a cross between an S and a Mustang.

Looks fine to me. As with any redesign, some will love it and some will hate it. Everyone has different tastes but usually new designs tend to grow on people over time. Even my Prius looked better to me the longer I owned it.

I don’t like it..

Then don’t buy it.

Doh. No none can buy it. It’s made up. Doesn’t even qualify as fake news

Yawn ,yet another concept car!

All I want in descending order:
(1) PM motor(s);
(2) 2170 cell pack, and;
(3) silicon carbide power electronics.

Everything else is eye-wash.

Why PM motors?

Yeah….no. Model S is a great design because of its clean lines, adding assorted random creases in an attempt to create a new model is probably the easy way but not the right way. Looks like what Mercedes has been doing for the past decade or so and I’m not a fan.

Ugh. This is possibly the worst design I’ve seen from someone who apparently has professional rendering skills.

Does this designer — and I use the term very loosely indeed — not understand that the different elements of the design should compliment each other, rather than fighting for prominence? The HEY LOOK AT ME!! wheel design looks like it came from the imagination of a 7-year-old barbarian.

Also, the “mean-looking” headlights may be appropriate for an SUV, which customers want to be tough-looking, but they are inappropriate on a family sedan.

Tesla has already made clear that the Model S will stay like that for the next 5 years. Of course that some incremental updates may come over the time.

I doubt it. Link please?

Cue crickets…

hate these fan rendering. let the company design these cars. look like Nissan maxima

Form over function render. Might as well put 1950’s fins on it. They would provide the same amount of functionality and the various design cues added purely for aesthetics.

Any design feature that increases drag reduces range and effectively increases charging times (on a miles-per-minute basis).

The curved center screen is curved the wrong way! It will pick up every little glare from every window or shiny object. It should be curved the other direction so that the arc of the user’s finger hits the touch screen at the same angle all the time and it blocks glare.

And the tires from the rear view are ridiculously wide for an EV.

Oh, no. Take the pretty Tesla and make it look like the ugly one? Why? WHY?

I noticed that MSNBC used one of these renderings in a Tesla piece shown yesterday. I did a double take. Figure they just googled some images of Tesla Model S and used whatever they found. Kinda shocking really. I also highly doubt they had cleared rights to use it.

I could not even get past the side markers being crooked.

The nose looks like a Toyota! The body has so many curves and edges that it will be a horrible nightmare for body work (I have done this and I know).

Daddy no like.

Overwrought and adolescent. Stay with simple elegance.

Jaw-dropping? I guess indeed your mouth opens, your jaw drops … then you puke … just kidding It’s not that bad. Just a bit “same” … and lacks the current knowledge of aerodynamics Just look at the Roadster 2.0 and scale up … that’s where Tesla is taking its family design, the Y will be somewhere between the 3 and the Roadster (obviously the Roadster will be unique) I think the 3 is a step backwards from the S, inside and out. The X is the right direction, but ditch the wing doors (I know they won’t, but they should have the Apple “courage” to offer both a swing-door and a wing-door X and see what the customer buys.) Once they build the swing-door Y we’ll see a lot of what Tesla will do next. If they stick with the stamped steel of the 3, I think they start to lose the game just by sheer mass. Porsche will be light and emphasis on spirited driving (obviously restricted in straight line performance to fall in behind the more expensive turbo and step in line with the pecking order, so expect something priced and performing around a Carrera S to compete… Read more »

Like the headlights, shape of the hood, and the look around the front wheel.
Something wrong with the front/grill area. Just copy Aston Martin, and make minor changes. . Or the new Rimac front – with no changes.
The design has removed the best looking Model S feature, when you look at the car from the back/side. The profile over the rear wheel, on the existing Model S must not be changed.

In general Model S looks good now – just need new modern headlights, some active LED Matrix type lights, and a new front/grill that does not look right.
It looks a bit old when it comes to the interior.
New modern rear lights would also be cool.

Model X needs a lot more work to look good.

I think it does look goods, But i think Elon wants to stay away from leather

Now that looks like a proper Sedan with a Bootlid:
Weight Loss Tips:
– Replace the Heavy Tailgate with a Simple, Lighter Bootlid
– Replace the Heavy Glass Roof with a Simple, Lighter Carbon Fibre Roof with working Solar Films

Those sound like things to do to a Model 3 Performance, which is already much lighter and more appropriate for doing a lightweight version, similar to the BMW M3 Lightweight. Sounds like a good idea, just maybe not for Tesla’s large sedan class.

Love the rear and front but the side makes it look like a Manga image. Should tone down the angular on the side in favor of more smooth and curvy lines that aren’t so sharp on the side. But the bak and even the curved screen inside look great!!

This is essentially Will.I.Am’s “modified” Tesla but only slightly less hideous.

Looks fine

What about the price if there any change or not

Tesla will not be in business long enough to see this come to life.

Looks more Lexus + Jaguar + some Korean Car, than simple and minimalist-sexy Tesla style.