Next-Gen Smart Fortwo Revealed In Winter Testing Video – Electric Version Will Continue To Be Offered


Next Gen Smart Fortwo

Next Gen Smart Fortwo

Both the next-gen Smart Fortwo and upcoming Smart Forfour are revealed in this Smart produced winter testing video.

The next-gen Fortwo and Forfour share a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive platform with the Renault Twingo.

And your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  The next-gen Fortwo will reportedly be 6 inches shorter than its predecessor.  The upcoming Fortwo is in the “ready to be launched” and, unlike the Forfour, the Fortwo is once again US-bound.

More importantly, the Fortwo will carry on Smart’s commitment to Electric Drive into the next generation.

If you recall in our exclusive interview with Smart US general manager Mark Webster, the rollout of the future electric Fortwo is for certain:

InsideEVs: The smart ED has just completed its first year of production worldwide, but the next generation gas version is in development now, and switching to the Renault A platform. From your end of things, will the smart ED carry over to that platform, or will smart overbuild (current ED inventory), so you will have this model for the next couple years? Is there plans for the smart ED already for the next generation?

Webster: (The standard version release for) Europe is next year, and we are early 2015….the smart electric vehicle, we will have that a little bit longer in the current model form, just because it is expensive to produce.

InsideEVs: But you still expect that to continue the smart ED over to the new platform sometime in 2015?

Webster: Yes. We are committed to an electric vehicle with smart.

So, consider this video to provide a look at what to expect of the 2015 or 2016 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive.

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Chances of death in this vehicle, have increased…

chances of death around you are greater

Your lifetime risk of death from a car accident is about 1 in 100. It goes up the small your vehicle is…

Wait a sec… are you saying that we all should drive M2 Abrams Tanks, because they are huge, heavy an safe?

I tell you what made small cars less safe: large cars like SUVs.

The larger the car, the bigger the risk for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles and nevs too. So if possible (depending on what you REALLY have to do with your vehicle), most of us should downsize for the safety of the majority, not upsize for the safety of individuals.

The ICE Smart has an NCAP safety rating of 4 out of 5, the Jeep compass has a rating of 2 out of 5. IMO, the most important safety features in a car are the breaks, the seat belts, position of the engine and quality of the head rests. Size is really not all that critical. Most people don’t die because their car has been completely crushed they die because the engine block ends up in their lap, because they snap their neck in the collision or because they are struck from the side and the car that hits them penetrates the door. With the engine in the floor, decent seats, good belts and a short wheel base the Smart is superior in all cases. The other massive advantage that the Smart has over other cars is the extremely good visibility, low curb weight, high driving position and astonishingly good breaks. I understand why people are scared of flying and I understand why people are more nervous in a small car but the reality is you are safer in a Smart than a whole heap of much bigger cars and the likelihood of you being in a fatal accident is… Read more »

Roadster? Smart roadsterED? Next time you talk to anyone from Smart could you ask about a roadsterED? The ForFour was a shocking car and really not worth reliving but the roadster was great fun and would be a great electric vehicle.

As for “Anon’s” comment on safety, get a life, you are probably more likely to die sitting on a toilet than in a car crash. Smarts have been around since 1996 they are as safe as the next car. While on the subject of dieing, it is probably worth pointing out that in the UK about 14 times (2175 vs 30000) as many people die from air pollution (caused mainly by vehicles) than die in road accidents…. makes you wonder if we should perhaps focus on something other than the number of air bags and volume of metal between you and the next car when determining how safe a car is.



Those who don’t cherish the lives of others, are oft to whine only they are qualified to make valid life choices…

Small cars are appealing to many, for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the data conclusively shows the smaller the vehicle, the less likely it is going to protect you in a crash:

If you want a long, happy life, a micro-sized car that got shrunk by an additional 6 inches– may not be terribly helpful…

I think the Mitsubishi i-miev is bigger then the Smart Car by about 40%. I also find it more functional then the Smart.

The biggest question is are they going to raise the range in the new one from 68 to say 80 or even a 100 miles?

Then, any battery powered vehicule is safer, because of it’s weight.
Is’t it?

I suppose those 6 inches come from the front, because there is no engine there anymore. Hope the boot did not shrink:-)

There has never been a front engine in a smart. It has always been in the back.

Ah that was stupid, Thanks!

Just read on the following: the new smart fortwo keeps its present short length of just 2.69 metres.

Now I’m confused about the 6 inches

FARS data show that the smart fortwo has a lower than average death rate.

Querying the database yourself will show that you are far more likely to die per mile driven in a Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris or Mini.

I have a question about all of this if they are coming out with a generation two Smart for Two. Does this mean they are going to improve the bad 68 mile battery range and raise to say 80 or 100 miles on a battery Charge?

Also they could put a six kilowatt charger on it to speed up it’s charging abilities. They also need to add a DC charger port to it to allow it to use the growing number of DC Fast Chargers out there.

The ForFour looks kinda like the Spark.

I wonder if they’ll make an EV version of it.

I guess there will also be a Renault Twingo ZE than in the future? Nothing has been said about that yet.