Next-Gen Smart Fortwo ED Won’t Arrive In U.S. Until 2017

AUG 13 2015 BY MARK KANE 13

smart ED

smart ED

Smart recently introduced the new generation of its flagship model ForTwo, although only the ICE version.

In the US, sales of the new ForTwo will begin in November. The new ForFour will not be available in the U.S. at all due to expected low demand.

If you are interested in an electric ForTwo, until 2017 it will be available only in the current generation.

Separately, we know that Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUmotive (battery supplier) was using battery cells from Li-Tec (soon the company will stop production), who was using battery materials from Evonik Litarion (acquired by Electrovaya). Deutsche ACCUmotive, from 2016 on, intends to switch to LG Chem lithium-ion cells for both electric ForTwo and in the future electric ForFour.

So the plan is simple – sometime in 2016 the next generation electric Smart with LG Chem batteries will be sold in Europe and with some delay in 2017 in US and other places worldwide. ForFour ED is still a mystery though.

We do wonder whether or not the new smart ED with cells from LG Chem will have longer range? The current 17.6 kWh battery pack is good for 68 miles EPA range (90 miles NEDC).

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I think this has the potential to be the first car to outsell it’s gas equivalent. The gas Smart is rarely used for travel for obvious reasons so if they put in a ~25Kwh pack and don’t overprice it should sell well

The smart ed launches in Europe around the end of 2016. There might be less than 3 months between the two sales starts.

No thanks.

“Deutsche ACCUmotive, from 2016 on, intends to switch to LG Chem lithium-ion cells for both electric ForTwo and in the future electric ForFour.”

Seems like every EV maker except Tesla and BYD is switching to LG Chem’s new and presumably cheaper-per-kWh cells.

Should be “from” not “form”.

As odd as this may seem, the Smart “brand” name is all lowercase. Check out their website to corroborate.

Okay. I’ll tell my Grammar Nazi alter ego, but I doubt he’ll approve. 😉

That’s kind of surprising considering how well the EV versions sells.

I believe I’ve seen far more Smart ED’s in the buffalo area than Nissan Leafs.

Too bad they’re being put on the back burner because the querky little puddle hoppers are fun to drive and cheap.

Since Buffalo is a depressed area, its the only BEV many here can afford. Wish Diamler would spruce it up a bit, if only with a bigger battery option.

Mitsu i-MiEVs are easily as affordable.

“ForFour ED is still a mystery though.”

Darn. I am interested in that vehicle when the lease of my Zoe is up next year.

This is the same vehicle as the Renault Twingo, and they canceled the proposed electric version.

I presume the ForFour ED was to use the same electric drivetrain, so actually I don’t expect a Smart ForFour ED.

The Twingo ZE will come at the same time of the ForFour, it will be cheaper and better looking.

Hmm, that’s other than what I heard. I thought Renault canceled the vehicle. Any idea when the Twingo ZE will arrive?

It will be anounced at Geneva 2016 and probably released in the summer.