Next-Gen Smart Fortwo ED To Use LG Chem Cells?


LG Chem Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cells

LG Chem Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cells

As we speculated 3 months ago, Daimler seems ready to unload its Li-Tec battery cell division.  Prior to the sell-off, Daimler acquired full ownership of Li-Tec by buying out Deutsche ACCUmotive’s stake.

Next Gen Smart Fortwo

Next Gen Smart Fortwo

The writing is on the wall, it seems.

Now comes word that Daimler is “considering scaling back its domestic retail organization and ending production of electric-car battery cells in a revived push to reach a profitability goal,” according to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg continues:

“The manufacturer is looking at shutting its Li-Tec battery-cell plant in Kamenz, Germany, by 2016 and shifting to an outside supplier, Manager Magazin reported separately, citing unidentified people at the Stuttgart-based carmaker.”

Daimler’s official statement on this matter provides zero details.  Hendrik Sackmann, a Daimler spokesman, stated:

“We are working on the future positioning of Li-Tec.  The battery business is growing rapidly, and everything is going according to plan at Li-Tec.”

With Li-Tec on its way out, what cells will power the next-gen Smart Fortwo ED?  That decision has apparently already been made.  Daimler will turn to LG Chem for cells for next-gen Smart ED, which is expected to launch in 2016.

The Smart Fortwo ED is probably the most changed EV in existence.  Currently in its third-generation, the Smart ED had featured Tesla components in the past, as well as Zytek and Zebra batteries.

For its 4th generation, yet one more cell producer will enter the mix.

Source: Bloomberg

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Hope they bring it around 24 kWh instead of 17.6 kWh of the current model

Would be nice, the ~80 miles of range has been way more than enough for me

It will be ~17.X kWh

17 kilowatts seems like a deal breaker for me in that the battery power and range have not gone up for this car for several years. Another thing is I don’t have to lease the batteries with a Mitsubishi i-miev batteries are free.

LG Chem is starting to become a major player in this EV game…

And they are doing a great job. The Zoe battery is so much better than the one of the Fluence.

LG is also doing well in cell phone business. I just bought LG G3 with 3000 mAh battery, because it was best phone on markets.

uh, I need an edit function. So here is even more off-topic!

I mean that I thought that LG G3 was best phone on markets, and indeed I have been satisfied as it is lightyears ahead of e.g. my previous phone HTC One, that was not bad either. Although, it was necessary to Root the phone, because LG forgot to include few necessary features such as multi-touch gestures and physical flashlight button.

This makes sence since the new smart is a Renault and Renault uses LG Chem

Has Daimler announced that LG Chem will provide batteries in the future?


After 1 Year and 13.600 Kilometers the barrery diagnose result is 100% capacity. I dont expect much changes next year, maybe 1% drop. LG Chem seems to be good stuff.

I hope they put some thought into physically protecting the battery. My Smart ED was totaled when a tiny plate of metal nicked the battery cover. The battery drops below the height of the parts forward of it. Creating a ledge for something to catch. Close inspection revealed only scuffed undercoating. Coolant leaking had them total it. Makes no sense, wouldn’t have believed it possible had it not happened to me.

More significant that the battery capacity will be if the current 3.3 kW onboard charger gets upgraded to a 6 kW, or 10 kW version. Being able to add 30-40 miles range in 30-45 min. Is a game changer vs. carrying around extra 150 lbs of battery weight.