Next-Gen Nissan Qashqai To Get Design Elements (Possibly Powertrain Too) From Electric IMx


It’s likely there will be an electric version offered too.

The new compact crossover with design elements from the Nissan IMx Concept will likely debut around the end of the decade, which is precisely when we predicted an electric CUV from Nissan would bow. Coincidence? We think not.

Around since 2014 with a facelifted launched several months ago, the current-gen Qashqai (aka Rogue Sport in the U.S.) is by far the most important model for Nissan in Europe given its massive success. It’s the best-selling compact crossover on the old continent and at the same time the best-selling car built in the United Kingdom. There’s more to the Qashqai than its popularity in the Europe taking into account the C-segment CUV is commercialized in approximately 100 markets all over the world.

As such, Nissan needs to play its cards right with the third generation slated to arrive around the end of the decade. The Japanese automaker is already eager to talk about the changes in tow for the Qashqai, which will share some of the design elements with the futuristic IMx concept currently being exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan.

The Nissan IMx

While the firm’s senior vice president of global design, Alfonso Albaisa, describes the IMx as being “just a design study,” he also hints a production model bigger than the Juke will draw inspiration from the showcar. It goes without saying the 2020 Qashqai won’t look nearly as flashy as the IMx, but some of the concept’s cues are going to have a road-going equivalent.

The third-generation crossover will be built at the same factory in Sunderland, U.K. where the original Qashqai went into production a decade ago. Since then, more than 2.8 million units have been assembled, with the 1M and 2M milestones reached quicker than any other UK-built vehicle ever made. Nissan believes it’s going to be the same story with the 3M mark that’s right around the corner.

To make this all happen, the company had to invest the equivalent of $70 million at its facilities in U.K. where additional production capacity was introduced last year for the Qashqai as the hugely popular crossover is currently being assembled on two lines.

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Nissan – Please get rid of the Batcar front end. The grill on the new Leaf would work just fine.

What’s up with the front end on new cars? Toyota, Lexus, etc…?

Maybe it will have the accidental side benefit of police radar deflection due to the stealth faceting the nose.

Everything out of Japan looks like it is about to transform into a giant robot now. 🙁

Fear not! Everything is under control.

In the new Japanese styling philosophy, you can crash into a brick wall at 30mph and it looks just as good a if it never happened.

No niggling body-shop visits necessary.

The Japanese aesthetic is definitely warped. You have to figure that decades of watching dystopian anime has taken a toll. Absolutely their cars look as though they will rise up and become our overlords.

The Koreans are little better. They seem to like a crazy under sea monster kind of look, twisted in the middle like wringing out a rag. Neither will win out as in the very near future we will all be driving whatever appeals to the Chinese buyer. Every car company in the world will be catering to them and rest of us will have to suck it up and buy whatever they like.

I have a Qashqai! I think the powertrain of the new Nissan Leaf fits perfectly, albeit with less range.

I have a Qashqai+2 and a Leaf. If Nissan had asked me five years ago, much more people would have an electric Qashqai by now than those who have a Leaf … albeit TMS

They are overthinking their approach to EVs.

All nissan has to do is electrify current models.

Increase battery capacity and range.

Decrease charge time significantly.

There I just created Nissan’s mission statement and policy for the next five years.

Please send my cheque to xxxxxx-xxxxxx Canada. Thx

Now fire everyone for not doing their job.