Registry Filing: Next-Gen Nissan LEAF To Also Spawn Terra EV Crossover?

AUG 4 2017 BY MARK KANE 27

A recent registration of the “Terra” name by Nissan’s Malaysian patents office in August suggests that the Japanese company is considering an electric SUV/CUV.

2018 Nissan LEAF Rendering

The Nissan TeRRA concept was first unveiled in Paris in 2012. Five years ago, it was a hydrogen fuel cell concept, equipped with a Nissan LEAF powertrain.

Now it’s expected that the Nissan Terra will be spawn in production as an all-electric offering, based on the second generation LEAF.

For Nissan it would be smart to share development costs between many EVs – the new LEAF, an upgraded e-NV200 and some new offerings – perhaps the Terra EV.

As for the why behind a Malaysian filing (over a more known location) by Nissan – major automakers tend to like to try and obscure what they are doing by using smaller patent offices.  Perhaps somewhat unfortunately for Nissan, Autocar caught the registry almost immediately.

Further adding to the possibility of a Terra plug-in, is Nissan’s former Chief Designer, who said that a new all-electric SUV and sedan was indeed coming to the lineup; while at the same time, new CEO Hiroto Saikawa has said that two new EV offerings would be in the company’s lineup before 2020.

source: Autocar

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Why does it have to be so Fugly???? what is wrong with these people!!! lol

Yes, that Fugly and they won’t sell many at all.
Except in France?

How anybody can be ok with non-efficient SUV cars? ?‍♂️??
Oh they are in fashion today, they are better for lazy fat ppl to get in’n’out, they have shorter range, they have bigger air drag, they are less safe because of higher center of gravity… ?‍♂️

Because a lot of people have kids, pets and/or hobbies that require more space than you econobox? Because some people have boats/trailers/waverunners that require a decent sized vehicle to trailer them? Because everyone’s needs are different and there are vehicles to fit nearly every need?

Lol, since when have SUVs more space inside than station wagons and vans??? Only very few of them and they are huge und fugly long. This is the worst misconception ever, ppl see big car outside but dont see how small its inside. This is pure joke.
Ppl towing boats, trailers etc need realy proper powerfull car and not this fancy urban junk which is not able to dig itself from slightly muddy unpaved countryroad. Lol. And there is only like 20 % of them. All the rest never tow anything in their life, dont live on a farm and drive their cars only in a city or highways. Its just a plain fashion.

Most of today’s SUVs aren’t real SUVs, they are car platforms w SUV bodies. You are complaining about a distinction without much of a real difference. Modern SUVs may not be 4 wheel drive, off road-ready beasts but they do have a higher drivers seat position that makes them more pleasant to drive, especially now that they handle nearly as well as station wagons.

People should be able to buy what THEY want, not what you think would be “better” for them. I drive a Volt but it is not my place to tell a soccer mom she should give up her Honda Pilot.

You don’t know what works best for others, so don’t try to tell them what to do.

Kuk probably rides a moped that he converted to electric himself, from parts that were going to be sent to the landfill. And he charges it from a solar panel he made himself from 1000’s of calculators that were thrown away because of cell phones.

Because obviously, driving anything bigger is a waste and completely stupid.

Also, SUV’s ride and handle very poorly. They’re literally the worst handling cars on the road.

If that rendering is any indication it will make the original LEAF look like a thing of pure beauty..!

Nissan: Puts the F in fugly!

Hey Terawatt, you didn’t by any chance, have anything to do with helping Nissan name this “TeRRa” SUV concept.

If you did have a helping hand, in the model naming, next time don’t stop halfway through the naming process. Nissan should have gone with the full length moniker, “TeRRably Hideous” SUV Concept.

It looks like a ultra modern jacked-up Juke. They should really bring over the Kicks model it looks nice.

I agree. That looks cool.

That’s a good-looking vehicle. Sorry, Luddites, but your “if-it-doesn’t-look-exactly-the-same-as-cars-have-looked-for-many-years” attitude is getting stale.

Its looks exactly Fugly.

This design is from 2012. Nissan changed the styling design 2 years ago to reflect the ids concept through their while brand

I just want an xterra EV…my gas xterra only gets 450 km a tank. 65 kWh would be around the same mileage.

Lol. Rules of physics still apply for an EV. What makes you think an electric Xterra will go 450km on 65kWh?

An electric xTerra will get poor mileage for the same reason why your gas xTerra does – it’s a huge, heavy car.

For all those who think it is fugly, don’t forget this is a Japanese car company. Take a look at Japanese culture and you will see lots of far out designs. They really are uniquely Asian.
Buy the Tesla if you want an American styled car. Buy a German brand if you want a European styled car. This is a Japanese car with Japanese styling. Go figure!

I think the issue with the comments is more than Americans are extremely uptight and terrified of standing out in any way. Hence why every house is painted the same boring shade of white, gray or brown.

Now there’s the ugly we’ve come to know and love from Leaf.

Those who argue that huge EVs, with the cradle-to-grave CO2 footprint of a Prius, are helping reduce our CO2 footprint, have an odd definition of help.

If someone is going to drive an SUV then that’s what they’re going to do. It’s better if it’s an EV than a low MPG gas version.

I don’t understand or agree with the SUV craze in the U.S., but it’s reality. It’s not going to change.

And my kid’s world will be a living hell, when they are my age. They will be p__ing on our graves.

Large SUVs with the carbon footprint of a Prius? Did you forget the “ten times”?

I am talking about electric SUVs. We need to get our carbon footprint to a tiny fraction of what we use now, by 2050. We act like there is no problem, completely ignoring the science. Government, and business leaders assume we will come up with some, as yet nonexistent, tech to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere, and force it underground so we can continue we our suicidal ways. Treating an existential threat like it is a lifestyle choice is treasonous, and immoral.

If Nissan really wanted to make a great offering then they shouldn’t go any futher than Qashqai size/looks. 200 miles would do, provided that their every single dealership is equipped with super fast charger. The big question is whether they sufficient means to deploy it. Anyway, they seem to be moving in right direction, they complement with Tesla perfectly.

Everyone complaining about the design, but it says “concept”, and since when do retail vehicles match their concept. Very rarely.