Next-Gen 2016 Chevrolet Volt At Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Event


“Here’s a Hollywood exclusive for you: The Next Gen Volt wowed last night on the green carpet at the Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Party.”

States Chevrolet.

Honestly, this wouldn’t interest us if it weren’t for the color of this 2016 Volt.

Chevrolet says that this is a “color that Chevrolet Design used in designing the Volt in the studio,” adding that the automaker thought it was “an appropriate color to display at the Global Green event.”

We do like this one-of-a-kind color (not sure if it has a name), but unfortunately Chevrolet states “there aren’t plans to offer this color on the Next Gen Volt at this time.”

Here’s a look at all of the colors expected to be available when the 2016 Volt launches later this year.

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I’m liking neither the black trim piece above the charger door with the Volt nameplate, nor the black trim piece on the bottom of the mirror. I guess it would look OK on a black Volt. At least Chevy got rid of the black trim piece under the side windows found on the first gen Volt.

To each their own. I really like it. As well it ties it back to the original Gen 1.

Same here. I think it’s quite classy the way they’ve honoured the original design, but muted one of its most polarizing features.

Is this not the Silver Ice Metallic mentioned and shown on the Chevy website?

Pale Oscar

The Oscars really where white this year….

I’m very glad they’ve decided to bring the front and rear quarters down to meet the lower lip of the doors. That was always the most out of place design element for the first generation’s look.

Too bad it has that big green sticker on the front.

Wouldn’t it be better to have license plates designated for HOV cars, or at least stickers that go on a plate?

We have those in Ontario. Green Vehicle license plates start with GVXX-000. You do lose the ability to have a custom plate however. The lettering is also green instead of blue.

Different license plates is a much better idea than decals. But needs to be replaced once 2019 arrives, as in California, the stickers are only valid till Jan 2019.
The bad thing about decals (in CA) is that you can’t just get a replacement for single decal. I had my car’s rear bumper replaced (rear ended), and the body shop didn’t even return my old bumper. But DMV says on its website, to get the replacement stickers, I must return ALL of them! And here, the GM dealer folks told me it is almost impossible to remove the stickers from the car without damaging them, so people don’t stick them on their gas guzzlers after they get the stickers.

The whole system is a mess. Of course, I didn’t expect any better from the numbnuts in CARB.

The numb nuts have a specific FAQ entry for your exact situation.

Hope you didn’t short the ARB as well! 😀

“If the vehicle was involved in an accident and the front and/or rear bumper was damaged and replaced, check the appropriate box on the REG 1000 (PDF). A copy of a repair shop report showing repair to the front and/or rear of the vehicle must be submitted if all originally issued CAV decals are not surrendered to DMV. Any remaining decals must be returned to DMV. You must state in Section E the number of decals not surrendered to DMV, the reason why the decals are unobtainable, and that there are no remaining decals on the vehicle.”

Those retro incandescent lights above the Volt use more electricity than the car itself. I was flabbergasted at how many of these were scattered all over at the show last night.

I blame Edison…

Hard to tell from that picture, but the filaments look straight and relatively white so it could be one kind of CoB LED bulbs.

Those are not LED bulbs.

They are; look closer. See also

[Edit/clarification] When saying “they are”, I was referring to the photo I initially included in my previous comment, but which has since been removed (one can google “LED filament bulb” image if interested).

I do not know about those shown at the top of this article.

I must say that color is hideous and I’m glad it’s not available to buy. Sorry to those who like it.

The silver helps reveal it’s a “trendy” design, instead of a classic one. GM will need to refresh the body design again in the next 2 years.

Doubtful. Most complaints are that the design is too generic, so they shouldn’t need to refresh to make it generic in a different way. It should age well.

Okay so figured I should point out that the cited article is missing one colour.

Heather Grey Metallic

The colour has been on the mobile site since the release however was left off the non-mobile site until about two weeks ago. It would seem possible that this is that colour. Regardless, the referenced page should at least be updated to reflect all of the available colours if it is going to be used as supporting documentation.

The only real problem with the color of the Volt 2.0 is that garish silver “baleen whale grin” on the front. The silver paint on the car in the photo has the advantage of muting that by greatly diminishing the contrast.

Contrariwise, the electric blue (I dunno what the official name for the color is) paint on a Volt 2.0 causes the “baleen whale grin” to give the car a hideous appearance:

“Whale Mouth”, yes!!!

It looks good in person, and from a normal angle.

Sorry to those who like Volt 2.
I prefer my Icon Classic Volt 1.

The more I see of Volt 2 the more I face palm as to what they were thinking or trying to achieve?

I hope its like windows to skip this version and pray Version Volt III will be all right again.

I prefer this design to gen 1 and will be getting one. Though I will also be blacking out the front grills as soon as possible after purchase.