Next EV CEO Discusses How Start-Up Automakers Expects To Surpass Tesla – Video


It’s a bit of a stretch to think that a start-up automaker can beat Tesla right away, but that seems to be the thinking from Padmasree Wwarrior, CEO of NextEV.

A factory is in the making, no physical cars exists, few employees can say they work for NextEV, yet the CEO refers to the automaker as being 3.0, whereas Tesla is only 2.0. A rather bold statement from the very beginning, considering the company really has nothing to show us.

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Padmasree Warrior, NextEV U.S. chief executive officer, discusses the future of electric and autonomous cars with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.”

The plan for NextEV, offer the next several years, is to release an electric hypercar sometime in 2016. The breakdown of the company’s plans go something like this:

  • NextEV electric supercar to be unveiled in 2016 and sold in a “small number
  • no concept model – fully working vehicle
  • new business model – “We do want people to own their cars, but we want to make it fun again. We want to take out the pain points that people complain to us about, about the ownership experience today. Not just electric vehicles, but generally.

Not quite sure what that last bit means, but NextEV whats us to be convinced that good things are in the works. But we’re still waiting on that 2016 unveil and a “small number” of sales to be achieved in the next 3 months.

NextEV - High-Performance Motor Plant in Nanjing (visualization)

NextEV – High-Performance Motor Plant in Nanjing (visualization)

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Yes, I remember creative visualization exercises from the 70’s. Just visualize yourself as rich, or as creating car 3.0, the Tesla replacement, and it will come true.
It did not work then it will not work now. Another Chinese pipe dream.

The “HUGAWA” is Flying from the Elephant’s *SS. I firmly Believe Competition is Good & I wish them Well,However, By the time these guys get going Tesla Will Be a 10,000 miles ahead of them..They may do Ok in their own markets even with a Shoddy Product, But, I think they will have their work cut out for them in North America..

You kidding me a Chinese tesla clone for half the price of a Tesla would sell in the USA. Americans love Chinese made goods because they are priced low low low.

*Sits in Lotus Position*

Ommmmmmmmmmmm. 😉

Would that be the sticking Stance…l o l ….

Oops ..I meant to say “Striking Stance” Now we can.,… l o l …

“Yellepeddi Padmasree was born and raised in the city of Vijayawada in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, India.”
“She is the former Chief Technology & Strategy Officer (CTO) of Cisco Systems, and the former CTO of Motorola, Inc. As of 2014, she is listed as the 71st most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.”

She is a bit of a warrior and she takes his chances. May be good for the climate!

Tks for the info.

Yeah, thanks for the info!

I don’t get the last part of her plan, either…you either own the car, or you don’t. You are either responsible for the repairs, or you’re not. What else is there?

Simpler business model would be to do the opposite of Tesla, instead of taking on all the work, try outsourcing everything. Save your money for final assembly and do not release until it is perfect. With a dramatically lower captain requirements you might be able to price even lower.

Outsourcing is like Short changing Yourself..The Only reason N American auto makers Began outsourcing was to Eliminate Their “PENSION BURDEN” Payments , heath insurance etc: & all the rest that goes with it… Just look at the “PROFITS” they could be making if they “PLAYED THEIR CARDS RIGHT” & made their OWN EVERY THING PARTS & So On Just like the auto’s did yrs ago . The People making Parts for them now are making HUGE profits & I know this to be a “FACT”

This would be Achievable with SUB-Plants Operating under a Different Banner with Different Pay structure etc: Just Like their Suppliers are doing Now.. I Truly believe Tesla Is on the Right Track, in keeping the manufacturing and the Profits In House. ….”EVERYTHING 0LD IS NEW AGAIN”

did you watch the video? what she articulated was that next ev is headed toward focusing more on software development with hardware/automotive hardware being done by partners.

I did watch the video, But , wouldn’t that be the same as outsourcing ?

yes it would be, but i wasn’t replying to your comment.

Chinese brands with quality notorious competitors of American “Tesla” European, Japanese brands, good luck with your dreams

She is going to be like Apple in relation to Nokias fall from grace in the cell phone market last decade. Should Elon just throw in the towel now, and sell off Tesla for scrap? Think of all the embarrassment, that Tesla will save, by giving in to these competitors and their superior well laid plans. /s

Apart from the CEO being apparently Indian by that name (or Pakistani, I’m not that sure), yeah, all I can say is “good luck with your meditation on success.” Padmasree probably has one really good idea buried in all this smoke and mirrors, she simply hasn’t gotten around to sharing it. This CEO is arrogant and lacks any clarity or vision. Pathetic.

i don’t see how she is arrogant from the video. in case you weren’t able to figure it out, the vision that she articulated is that cars will become like computers: automotive hardware manufacturing will become standardized and the real distinction will come in software development. if you look at what has happened as smartphones have turned into computers (intrusion of hacking, explosion of apps that collect all manner of personal information without your knowledge, etc.), i’m not too keen on her vision for the automobile.

Good luck to her and her startup. Tesla needs some real competition.

But I doubt that claims from yet another vaporware company are keeping Elon up at night! 🙂

It will be a Chinese tesla clone for half the price of a Tesla. It will sell big.

There are hundreds of EV startups in China, the government is reducing that number by issuing licenses to few.

She is a Figure Head & Nothing Else.

So says the Talking Head. . .

Speak for Yourself f00L.

Why am I not surprised that you would say such a thing?


the reality is; right now, tesla is trying to beat tesla.

We are our own worst enemies…

Padma severely damaged Motorola and Cisco. She his a mediocre presenter, terrible at vision, and a horrifically bad manager. This company is doomed.

These are the Resulting outcomes of “EQUAL RIGHTS”

So, they want to sell cars, but they don’t want people to own their cars?

That’s an old businnes model. Sell your car and steal it back with the cloned key :-))))
And then sell it again :-)))

Nextev can always clone a Tesla and sell it for half the price in the USA. Many Americans would buy a Chinese clone if it’s priced low. Don’t believe me…90% of our consumer goods are made in China. And we all buy buy buy.

Warrior originally trained as a Chem Engineer. She was at Motorola for two decades, and at Cisco for 8 (as CTO and Chief Strategy Officer). She has the rep of being a brilliant engineer and technology leader, but a mix rep in management; in contrast to stuff she’s written, I’ve read that she didn’t really decide to leave Cisco until she was passed over for the CEO job.

She talks about vision, but the few details I’ve actually been able to find point to the same vision that Shai Agassi of Better Place had: Cars should be user-centric appliances, with an owner experience like cellphones.
Better Place’s significant innovation was a business plan where the EV was owned by the user, but not the battery, and the user would pay for a plan level giving N annual miles.

Anyway — good luck in getting traction for NextEV… She’ll need it. Personally, I think any company starting out in earnest now is a bit late.