Newsflash: Volkswagen Creates New Battery Cell Boss Position



Frank Blome

Volkswagen has just announced the creation of a new battery cell leadership position.

The actual description is head of battery cell center of excellence.

To us, this would seem to indicate a new level of seriousness from VW in regards to electric cars.

Here’s the brief:

Technical Development expands battery competence

Frank Blome to head Battery Cell Center of Excellence

In the future, Frank Blome is to head the Battery Cell Center of Excellence of the Volkswagen brand. Blome, previously Chairman of the Management Board of Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH, is to assume the newly created function with effect from January 1, 2018.

Blome (48) holds a degree in electrical engineering and started his career as a development engineer in 1995. Following various positions as project manager and development manager for electric drive systems with Continental AG, he became Head of Energy Management of Continental AG in 2004. In 2009 he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH in Kirchheim/Teck and Kamenz. From 2013, Blome was also Managing Director of Li-Tec Battery GmbH.

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Seems to me just another level of announcement. VW is defending champion of announcement for BEVs.

VW et al need dozens of gigafactories to get all the batteries they need to produce millions of BEVs. I don’t see that light on the horizon. I don’t matter what positions they plan to create and who they appoint to it. That’s not think big, that’s just a big mouth.

It’s Vaporware as usual..All BS talk no substance. They’re so far behind that it’s no even funny anymore. There is a a battery shortage ast this point . Where & who will supply the battery power they need if by some fluke they all started putting out all these EV’s that they claim to build. NOT POSSIBLE!

Not possible that is laughable FUD…
Have you not seen the Chinese plans for building new battery factories??
While the rest of the world says not possible the Chinese do the work…
Serisouly CATL… among others…

Yes, and have you not seen the demand right in China that will suck up all the batteries they produce?

Certianly the Chinese market will require lots of batteries and VW will need the majority of those batteries in China to meet the Chinese mandate…
VWs new JV will start making EVs in China next year…
VW currently sells aroung 300k cars a month in China and the number two brand sells less than half of that so yes VW knows China and the Chinese producers are more than happy to sell them bucos of batteries for home and abroad…
And if the world needs more batteries dont be suprised when the Chinese take the risk do the work and build more battery factories…

Thank You !

Yogurt, I think you’re seriously underestimating the amount of batteries that the Chinese market is going to need. We keep seeing all these announcements for new battery factories, or expansion in production at current factories, but they always fall far short of what’s going to be needed by 2020, if all or even most of the announced plans for new PEVs actually result in real cars. Planned expansion of battery production falls short even in China. The EV revolution is shortly going to hit a short-term ceiling with inadequate battery production. Only BYD and Tesla will be in a position to grow as fast as they want, because they control their own battery factories. Many if not most other EV makers are going to have to cut back on plans to build new PEVs due to battery shortage. There just isn’t enough near-term supply to go around, and that situation probably won’t change for a few years. It’s time to separate the men from the boys. The “men” in the auto industry will immediately start negotiating with battery makers to build out new factories which they, the auto makers, control; and they’ll get busy building those factories ASAP. They should… Read more »

And do you think the Chinese goverment is above throwing money to their own companies to dominate the future of worldwide battery production?

I think you’re ignoring facts.

Look at the planned amount of added GWh of battery production over the next couple of years from current and planned battery factories in China, and compare that to what China is requiring for increased EV production over the same period.

Do the math, and note the shortfall. Then, if you still want to argue with the figures, I’ll get out of the way and let you waste your time.

Arrogant assumptions.

Nobody is investing more money on EVs then the VW Group.
I tend to trust invested money. Unless they fail with design, technology or the EV market drops, they will be top 3-4 in EVs by 2019ish.
Renault/Nissan, Tesla, VW, BMW, Daimler Group, GM and at least two Chinese companies will be the top players over the next 3-4 years. Then we’ll see.

“Frank Blome is to head the Battery Cell Center of Excellence”

Interesting title – sounds like the Center’s mission is to create a positive experience all new incoming cells. Any cells reflecting negativity will be discharged.

Funny. I read it and was reminded of an old Honeymooner’s episode, where Ralph becomes the “Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of the Racoons”.

Congratulations, Frank.

Lol. That’s positively brilliant.

Don’t forget what it was reward to was “The Carbon Rod”!

I gotta say, I’m getting hopeful that VW is walking the walk, and not just talking the talk, between:

1. Reportedly placing a future order with LG Chem for more battery cells than GM ordered for its Bolt EV (altho LG denies this)

2. Calling for a Pan-European battery cell union (link below)

…and now…

3. Creating an executive “battery cell boss” position.

I’m not forgetting Dieselgate, but you know… time marches on, and maybe, just maybe, VW is getting serious about near-term plans to build PEVs in large numbers.

Go Volkswagen???

Another Euro point of view

I wonder how their attempts at securing raw materials (cobalt mainly) supply is doing otherwise with current technology the needed large scale battery cell production will be very difficult to put in place (See link). Now same counts for all car makers so they could continue making PHEVs while awaiting the cobalt production to increase to needed level.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I.e, they didn’t have any leadership before this so the products previous was from the blind leading the blind?