Tesla has just announced that it produced its six millionth electric car and it appears it was a Tesla Model Y.

The company wrote on its main X channel: "Produced our 6 millionth car! Thank you to our owners & teams around the world for your support & hard work—it truly matters." The post includes a short video with the employees celebrating the latest achievement.

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Tesla is the king of EVs

No other carmaker has produced as many all-electric cars as Tesla (cumulatively). However, BYD is trying to outpace Tesla and already managed to do so in a single quarter (Q4 2023). This year, the two might be close to each other.

Let's recall that Tesla produced its five millionth electric car on September 17, 2023. It means that it took about 6.5 months to add another million. The time between the fourth and fifth million cars was estimated at over six months, so the rate appears to be stable.

If the rate does not decrease, then before the end of 2024, Tesla will celebrate cumulative electric car production of seven million units.


At the end of 2023, Tesla's cumulative deliveries exceeded 5.45 million units, including over 4.78 million Model 3/Model Y. If we add Q1, it's certain that the Model 3/Model Y duo is now above 5 million units. The other models that Tesla offers are the Model S, Model X, and the Cybertruck (still in the ramp-up phase).

Other manufacturers also are hitting great numbers. BYD recently celebrated its seven millionth plug-in car. The company sold about 3.5 million all-electric cars and about 3.5 million plug-in hybrids. It means that the difference to Tesla in the all-electric car category is 2.5 million units.

In Q4 2023, BYD for the very first time sold slightly more all-electric cars than Tesla. However, Tesla might be on top in Q1 2024. We are now eagerly waiting for quarterly results, which are expected in the coming weeks.

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