Electric Ford Maverick And Bronco EV Postponed Until Next Decade: Report

Ford has reportedly moved fully electric versions of two popular trucks back until at least 2030.

Ford Bronco Maverick EVs Ford Bronco Maverick EVs

Ford struck gold with the Maverick pickup and Bronco SUV. Buyers flocked to the models upon launch, unleashing pent-up demand and causing backlogs lasting a year or longer on their desired build. It was a true big-brain move for Ford.

Plans to double down on the model's success were not lost on Ford. The automaker working to build battery-electric versions of the two trucks has long been rumored, especially as brands commit to shifting their fleets towards electrification in the coming years. But it looks like the models may have hit a snag somewhere along the line because a new report suggests that both products could be delayed into the 2030s.

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Ford's Second EV Pickup

One of Ford's first tasks for its massive new EV campus is the "Trust The Truck" (T3) program. Ford plans to build out a new EV truck separate from the F-150 Lightning. With today's report, it would appear that the vehicle could be something other than the Ford Maverick as well.

According to AutoWeek, one of its sources has indicated that Ford has planned to delay fully electrified versions of both the Bronco and Maverick until at least the early 2030s.

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This potential change would mean that buyers delaying their purchase of either truck while waiting for a BEV version may be in for a longer wait than originally anticipated. It's not clear why Ford specifically would want to delay either vehicle—perhaps the next-generation platform or its underlying battery architecture isn't yet ready for the road, or maybe Ford is realigning its strategy to meet the slower-than-anticipated real-world adoption of its existing EVs, like the F-150 lightning.

A Ford spokesperson declined to comment on speculation regarding future products.

Ford may be running into challenges building out the vehicle to meet the increasing consumer demands surrounding EVs while still mating the cars to purposes desired by their target audience. For example, building out an efficient, long-range, affordable EV is already difficult, but adding a lifestyle option—such as the Bronco's ability to perform off-road tasks—is a big ask.

Ford's Chief Design Officer, Anthony Lo, spoke about this very issue at Detroit Concours d'Elegance in 2023. Via Newsweek:

I think the biggest challenge is on the off-road products. I really have to understand how people are using vehicles today. Because it's not just about styling. People ask why don't you just take that graphic in front of a Bronco and put it on the next EV Bronco? Because the actual need for cooling or lack of need for cooling is very different.

I think you also need to think about how you can design a future Bronco that also meets all our aerodynamic targets and that you can actually drive more than 400 miles, you know, on a single charge.

It's important to note that Ford is still building another EV pickup, it's just not quite clear what that will look like yet. Ford announced Project T3 (that stands for "Trust the Truck") last year, a truck that it plans to build at its BlueOval City mega campus in Tennessee. Presumably, the upcoming pickup will live somewhere between the Maverick and F-150—at least based on CEO Jim Farley's comment during the F-150 Lightning launch in 2022—perhaps somewhere close to the segment where the Ford Ranger reigns.

Interestingly, General Motors has reportedly cancelled its plans for an Ultium-powered EV pickup recently. With such strong sales figures behind the Maverick and the masses calling for a fully electric version of Ford's reasonably-sized pickup, GM has found itself in a strong position to corner buyers with an affordable battery-powered S-10 revival. But now, with both key players backing down on their tiny truck, it would appear that the market will have to wait.

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