Is the 2025 Ram Ramcharger better than a Ford F-150? More specifically, is the Ramcharger better than a Ford F-150 Lightning? That's the title of this video walkaround, but it doesn't answer that question. Truthfully, we won't know that answer until we've done extended testing on the Ramcharger (ideally directly against a Lightning) and it isn't even out yet. But the use of an extended-range powertrain bodes extremely well for people who use their trucks to tow and haul big things, and for now, we can dive into why. 

The video not only explains how the range-extender format works, it also touches on some of the finer details that make the Ramcharger a solid overall package so we do suggest you give it a watch. But there are reasons to think the Ramcharger may just be the electrified truck to beat when it comes out—electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or otherwise.

Get Fully Charged

The Ramcharger is the first extended-range electric truck.

It offers 141 miles of electric range and 690 miles of total range in a package that looks just like a normal Ram 1500. It tows further and more conveniently than any other electric pickup truck on the market and it hauls heavy loads better too.

No one outside of Stellantis has really driven the Ramcharger yet, so we can't use driving impressions to arrive at an answer on whether it's the "best." But what we can do is look at the specs and see how the Ramcharger stands out in a few of the most important categories in terms of doing truck stuff:

  • 92-kWh battery pack
  • 141 miles of electric-only range
  • 690 miles total range
  • 663 horsepower 
  • 615 pound-feet of torque
  • 0-60 MPH in 4.4 seconds
  • 14,000-pound towing capacity
  • 2,625-pound payload capacity
  • 145 kW fast charging capability
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-home capable
  • 7.2 kW power out from truck bed

Which Ramcharger Specs Matter The Most?

For us, the numbers to focus on are the 141 miles of electric range, 690 miles of total range and the towing and payload capacity. At 14,000 pounds, towing is at the top of its class. The 2,625 payload rating is just above the Tesla Cybertruck (2,500 pounds) and beats every other electric truck by a decent margin. 

So, the Ramcharger can out tow and out haul the other electric trucks on the market. It's a true truck then but what really sets it apart from vehicles like the Rivian R1T, Tesla Cybertruck, Chevrolet Silverado EV, and Ford F-150 Lightning is its total range of 690 miles.

Gallery: 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger

Towing Complications With A Pure Electric Truck

We all know that electric trucks lose a lot of range when towing. Add to that the fact that most charging stations aren't set up to allow for charging with a trailer attached and you can see the issue here.

Let's say you need to tow something for 300 miles with your Cybertruck. The Cybertuck's range when towing can drop down to about 100 miles. So, every 100 miles you pull into a fast-charging station, unhook the trailer, charge up and then reattach the trailer. Quite the process, right?

But towing a trailer is what trucks do, so we think that such a cumbersome process would make a pure electric truck not very good at trucking.

How Would The Ramcharger Make Towing Easier?

To put it in simple terms, on most towing trips, the Ramcharger wouldn't need to plug in or fuel up. It has 690 miles of combined range, so even if that dropped by half while towing, the Ramcharger could still cover some 350 miles or so before needing to be fueled.

So, in terms of doing truck stuff like towing, the Ramcharger is better suited than any pure electric truck out there.

The same would be true in the case of hauling heavy loads. the Ramcharger has the highest payload rating and, even though its range would drop when hauling heavy stuff, it would still go further than any electric truck. Again, doing truck stuff, the Ramcharger wins.

Is The Extended-Range Electric Vehicle Powertrain The Pinnacle For EV Trucks?

With an EREV setup, range while towing or hauling a load isn't an issue. Finding a charging station while doing either of those tasks isn't required either. Unhooking a trailer midway through a trip isn't required. Planning a route that has a fast charging station on the way while towing your camper to your dream destination isn't required.

With the Ramcharger, you just hook up and hit the road. No worries. No range anxiety. No calculating your range while towing. Just hook and go. No other electric truck can as conveniently hook up, tow and go. So until battery technology improves significantly, the EREV Ramcharger is the electric truck for truck stuff.

We can't wait to actually get our hands on one. 

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