Part of the joy of riding a bike – be it electric or otherwise – is exploring new places. Naturally, a person’s willingness to go outside their comfort zone varies. For those looking to go on multi-day tours on their bikes, there are tons of new and innovative e-bikes with tons of range. Why not pair that with a fancy bike camper with all the amenities of a tiny Airbnb?

We’ve talked about quite a few bike campers in the past, but the CapsulBike from French company Tinyvroum surely stands out as one of the fanciest we’ve ever seen. Now, if you remember the Hupi Trailer we talked about a couple of months ago, the CapsulBike is pretty much the same concept, albeit slightly more affordable, and in my opinion, more stylish thanks to its rugged design. It’s more affordable too, priced at 3,900 euros, translating to about $4,230 USD.

Gear Up For Off-The-Grid Adventures With The CapsulBike E-Bike Camper

Technically speaking, the CapsulBike can be pulled by a non-electric bicycle, but you’ll certainly need legs of steel to tow this 69-kilogram (152-pound) camper up even a slight incline, so you're certainly best pairing it with a capable electric bicycle. Its dimensions are nevertheless rather compact, with a length of 2.8 meters (9.1 feet), a width of 1.1 meters (3.6 feet), and a height of 1.4 meters (4.6 feet). So no, you won’t be able to stand up inside the CapsulBike, but you’ll sure have more than enough space for a good night’s sleep. This will surely be aided by the memory foam mattress included in the camper.

You could say that part of the fun of camping is being exposed to the elements. However, the CapsulBike throws in a bit of safety into the mix with “unbreakable” windows, dual-side doors, and LED lights. There’s even a provision for a roof tent allowing another person to accompany you on your camping adventures.

Gear Up For Off-The-Grid Adventures With The CapsulBike E-Bike Camper

To add to the convenience features, the CapsulBike even has built-in kitchen amenities such as an exterior folding table, a 12-liter fridge, and a complete kitchen set. All the electronics are powered by a 50-Ah battery for appliances, and 140-watt solar cells for long off-the-grid camping trips. Tinyvroum has even managed to include a solar-powered shower with a built-in 10-liter tank for warm water – talk about premium accommodations off the grid.

While all that is cool and all, it’s worth noting that for now, the CapsulBike e-bike camper is available only in France and Belgium, so if you live outside of Europe, perhaps you can use it as an inspiration for you to build your own e-bike camper.

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