In the world of urban mobility, bigger isn’t always better. The growing popularity of compact electric scooters and bicycles is a testament to this. Indeed, people are moving away from the use of cars and vans in the urban setting, and hopping aboard two-wheelers for their daily mobility. This is especially true in countries in Asia and Europe. In fact, it’s estimated that e-bikes will overtake regular bikes in terms of sales in countries like Germany.

It goes without saying that as demand for e-bikes increases, so too do the options in the market. We’re seeing new models from all sorts of brands, and PVY, an up and coming e-bike specialist from China, is looking to go big on practicality with its tiny S2 electric bicycle. It seems that the designers at PVY built the S2 to tick all the boxes when it comes to what people are looking for in a practical urban e-bike.

PVY S2 Folding E-Bike

So, what exactly does the S2 bring to the table? Well, for starters, it features a folding frame that makes use of an easy-access mechanism below the handlebars. On top of that, PVY has comfort in mind with the integration of a dual-suspension setup to take the edge off the city’s less-than-perfect roads. To top it all off, the frame’s low standover height ensures that it’s accessible to riders of varying heights (anyone from four to six feet tall can ride this, or so PVY claims).

On the performance side of the equation, PVY has equipped the S2 with a rear hub motor with a 250-watt output. It’s upgradable to 350 watts in “Unlock Mode,” and is mated to a 7.5-ampere-hour battery pack that promises up to 45 miles on pedal assist mode, and 25 miles on throttle-only mode. On the technology front, we find electronically controlled headlights and taillights integrated into the bike’s handlebar-mounted controller. It’s worth noting, however, that the S2 comes to a stop with basic mechanical disc brakes, and the rider is left with a single-speed setup – something to take note of if your daily commute includes steep climbs and descents.

At the end of the day, the PVY S2 is all about accessibility, and this is reflected in its price. At just 549 euros (about $585 USD), it’s one of the more affordable e-bike offerings in the market, considering the level of performance and versatility it offers. You can learn more about this compact and affordable two-wheeler on the brand’s official website.

PVY S2 Folding E-Bike
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