Fezzari Explorer Peak E-Bike Promises Impressive Range And Performance

The fat-tire e-bike gets a full-carbon frame and a Shimano motor.

Fezzari Explorer Peak E-Bike Promises Impressive Range And Performance Fezzari Explorer Peak E-Bike Promises Impressive Range And Performance

Utah-based electric bicycle manufacturer Fezzari has just unveiled its newest model. Dubbed the Explorer Peak, this fat-tire-equipped all-terrain e-bike packs a rugged design which accentuates its go-anywhere nature. Apart, of course, from its styling, the e-bike is touted as a thoroughly capable machine packing componentry from some of the most respected brands in the industry.

To start with, the Fezzari Explorer Peak is built around a full-carbon frame designed to keep the weight low, and durability high. It’s powered by one of the most tried and tested e-bike motors, Shimano’s EP systems. The Comp model is fitted with the Shimano EP601 motor, while the Elite version takes things up a notch with the EP801. Fezzari ditches the Shimano battery in favor of a higher-capacity Darfon unit with 720-watt-hours of juice. Furthermore, Fezzari says that an 835-watt–hour upgrade will be offered, as well.

It’s more than likely that Fezzari opted for the Darfon battery packs, as Shimano’s 630-watt-hour power packs might just not be enough for Fezzari’s adventurous clientele. On top of that, the bike’s all-terrain nature means it’s intended to be ridden in all sorts of weather, and smaller batteries don’t usually take too kindly to cold weather.

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In terms of equipment, the Fezzari Explorer Peak e-bikes roll on Sun-Ringle Muleful SL wheels shod in Maxxis Colossues tires measuring 27.5 by 4.5 inches. The bike gets a rigid fork, as the fat tires are more than enough when it comes to providing shock absorption. Nevertheless, for those who seek a more rugged ride, there’s an optional upgrade to the Manitou Mastodon fat-tire suspension fork.

The drivetrain components of the bike will vary on the trim of your choice. The Comp model is equipped with a Shimano CUES 11-speed drivetrain, and will set you back $4,599. Meanwhile, the top-tier Elite version is fitted with a SRAM GX Eagle Transmission, and will set you back a more premium price of $5,499. The bikes are now available for pre-order through the brand’s official website, with pre-orders receiving $200 off the retail price.

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