The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated electric vehicles in the world right now, and it’s not hard to see why, with its controversial design and high hopes for big power and torque numbers.

The upcoming truck, which is expected to go into production in the third quarter of the year, also has the potential to perform quite well in off-road scenarios, considering it most probably features an all-wheel-drive system and adaptive air suspension setup.

But a recent video shot by Twitter user @stephfischer13 shows a Cybertruck stuck in the mud in a field in rural Texas, which could raise some eyebrows among those expecting the electric truck to be flawless off the beaten track.


At a closer look, it’s actually the same Cybertruck that Elon Musk drove at the groundbreaking ceremony for Tesla’s lithium refinery a couple of days ago, fitted with the one-of-a-kind black roof rack.

In the comments, some people have questioned whether or not the pickup was truly stuck, to which the original poster replied by saying “No, the Tesla people were all there wandering around as if saying what do we do now.”

Some five to six hours after posting the original video, @stephfischer13 uploaded a couple of photos of the place where the Cybertruck seemed to be struggling, and it looks like the perfect location to get stuck, with wet, sticky mud.


It’s also worth noting that the Cybertruck in question didn’t look like it was fitted with off-road or mud tires, and instead was wearing what seemed like all-season rubber, which is not suitable for that kind of terrain.

As for who was driving the truck, it seems it wasn’t Elon Musk but Drew Baglino, Tesla’s Senior Vice President of Powertrain and Energy Engineering. He posted the following tweet, saying he had some fun muddying up the Cybertruck after the groundbreaking ceremony.


At the end of the day, it’s good to know that the people directly involved with the development of the vehicle are taking a first-hand approach to their work, even if sometimes it doesn’t work out perfectly.

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