VinFast, the carmaker established in 2017 and wants to make a name for itself in the North American market, will recall 2,781 vehicles sold in Vietnam.

The recall affects the VF 8 all-electric crossover and it has to do with the bolts that connect the front brake calipers to the steering knuckles, according to Autoblog, which cites the car company. 

VinFast will check and replace the bolts, with the Vietnamese car marque saying that “due to a specific component assembly item, the bolt connecting the front caliper to the knuckle may loosen when the vehicle is in operation, potentially reducing the effectiveness of the front brake.”

VinFast VF 8

The Southeast Asian company wants a piece of the American car market pie and it already shipped 999 units of its VF 8 EV to North America, which it plans to start delivering before the end of February, a timeline it says will not be affected by this issue.

The 999 cars that were delivered to US shores will be checked and the bolts in question will be torqued to the new spec, with the company saying that "this is relatively a simple procedure that can be done quickly and will not affect the delivery timeline, which is expected to start by the end of Feb. 2023."

VinFast was founded in 2017 in Vietnam and launched two all-electric models in the United States last year – the VF 8 five-seater crossover and the VF 9 three-row SUV. Both offer all-wheel drive and a ten-year warranty that includes the high-voltage battery, with prices starting at $59,000 for the VF 8 and $83,000 for the bigger VF 9 respectively.

The company plans to sell two additional models on the North American market – the VF 6 and VF 7 – starting in March 2023, but with deliveries of the initial batch of vehicles pushed back from December of last year to late February, job cuts, and now this early recall in Vietnam, it’s unclear how the Southeast Asian carmaker will cater to the 12,000 orders it reportedly received from the US market.

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