Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars reports 540,800 global car sales during the fourth quarter of 2022, which is 17 percent more than a year ago. In 2022, the company sold 2,043,900 cars - 1 percent less than in 2021.

Meanwhile, sales of plug-in electric cars (Mercedes-Benz and Smart brands) in 2022 amounted to 319,200 units (including also Mercedes-Benz electric vans). That's 19 percent more than in 2021. The share of rechargeable cars out of the total Mercedes-Benz car volume amounted to 15 percent.

The most important thing for us is that the Mercedes-Benz brand managed to more than double its all-electric car and van sales to 117,800 units (up 124 percent year-over-year), not even including the Smart brand.

Considering that the fourth quarter ended with 42,400 BEV sales, the company might be able to target 200,000 units in 2023.

Mercedes-Benz global plug-in car sales in Q4 2022 (preliminary numbers):

  • BEVs (excl. smart): 42,400 (up 122% from 19,100 a year ago)
  • PHEVs: N/A (61,400 minus Smart BEVs)
  • Total plug-ins (including vans): 103,800

According to the data, the most popular models in Mercedes-Benz's lineup are the EQA and EQB, although the EQS is not far behind.

  • BEVs (excl. smart): 117,800 (up 124% from 52,500 a year ago)
    EQA: 33,100
    EQB: 24,200
    EQE: 12,600
    EQS: 19,200
    other: 28,700
  • PHEVs: N/A (201,400 minus Smart BEVs, probably around 22,650 units)
  • Total plug-ins (including vans): 319,200 (up 19%) and 15% share

The total EQ lineup currently includes eight models: EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE, EQE SUV, EQS, EQS SUV, and EQV.

Detailed results:

Separately, Mercedes-Benz Vans announced 411,000 van sales in 2022 (up 4 percent year-over-year), including 121,500 in Q4 (up 14 percent).

All-electric van sales in 2022 and Q4 amounted to respectively 14,700 (up 15 percent) and 4,800 (down 11 percent). Unfortunately, that is just a few percent (3-4%) of the total volume.

The van lineup, includes the EQV (counted also in the passenger car sales report), eSprinter, eVito/eVito Tourer and soon also EQT/eCitan.

Detailed results:

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