As technology surrounding electric bicycles progresses, we're seeing e-bikes with more torque and power outputs than ever before. Naturally, this means that other components need to be adjusted to account for more than just continuous leg power. This is exactly what we're seeing, even when it comes to budget-oriented electric bikes. 

Everything surrounding the way an e-bike sends power from the motor to the ground needs to be beefed up. This is why wider rims, thicker spokes, and subsequently, better brakes, are all part of the equation. KMC, a leading bicycle chain manufacturer, recognizes this, and has released a brand new range of chains, chainrings, and sprockets designed specifically for electric bicycles

Bicycle Chain Specialist KMC Rolls Out E-Bike Chainrings And Sprockets

Probably the coolest thing about KMC's new sprockets, chains, and chainrings are direct replacement for your e-bike's stock components. This means you can either replace them with these shiny new parts once they've worn out, or replace them right off the batt for added peace of mind. At present, KMC's e-bike specific lineup is still rather slim, but the brand does have intentions of rolling out more products in the near future.  

In an article published by cycling publication BikeRumor, KMC Chain USA's Head of Sales Bentley Lee stated, "We are excited to offer these e-bike components and provide our consumers more replacement options. E-bikes put much more strain on the drivetrain and wear faster than a traditional bike, but many riders don’t replace drivetrain components when they should. Maintaining your drivetrain is important to maximize chain life and efficiency.”

Bicycle Chain Specialist KMC Rolls Out E-Bike Chainrings And Sprockets

While electric bikes are undoubtedly much more expensive than their human-powered counterparts, KMC is offering its sprockets and chainrings at a surprisingly affordable price tag. They're also compatible with various Shimano and Bosch systems, further simplifying installation. There are currently five sprockets and chainrings available, with the Shimano 17T and 18T sprockets retailing at $8 USD a piece. Meanwhile, Bosch Chainrings compatible with either second, third, or fourth generation e-bike systems are on offer for just $15 USD a piece. 

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