Everybody knows that electric vehicles don’t get along very well with cold weather, the most obvious effect being a decrease in the total driving range.

Our friend Kyle Conner, who previously wanted to see what would happen when plugging in a couple of Nissan Leafs and a Tesla Model 3 after being deep frozen at -14 degrees (-25.5 degrees Celsius), had a dead EV on his hands after one of his experiments failed.

So here we are, with the video embedded at the top of this article, and with Kyle trying to resurrect an old, second-hand Nissan Leaf that died in a cold, lonely night in a parking lot.

And after he messes around in a screaming, V8-powered Cadillac Escalade V, our man Kyle gets to the place where he left his bricked EV and discovers it’s been surrounded by small mountains of snow. Luckily though, the people who cleared the parking lot didn’t put it onto the car.

In the last video, the content creator said that the reason for the car refusing to start might be the low voltage in the 12V battery because the instrument cluster went crazy when he was trying to get it to go.

Now he came prepared with a jump starter, and lo and behold, the Leaf came back to life, ready to get some energy into its high-voltage battery from a nearby Electrify America CHAdeMO charger.

As a quick reminder, the red Leaf is a 10-year old electric car with a 24 kWh battery that offered up to 73 miles of range when it was brand new. Now however, things are quite different.

With the charging cable connected to the car, Kyle got some bad news, because the Nissan refused to accept any current.

But that’s not all. So go check out the video at the top of this article and let us know what you think in the comments below: did you go through something similar with an EV?

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