Polestar is expanding its activities in the boating industry by becoming a supplier of battery and charging systems to Swedish hydrofoil electric boat company, Candela.

The two Swedish companies signed a multi-year supply agreement, marking one of the world's first direct battery technology collaborations between companies from the automotive and marine industries. By combining Polestar's batteries with Candela's pioneering electric hydrofoil technology, the two parties aim to propel the growth of sustainable electric mobility in society.

In a press release, Candela says the battery deal will enable it to scale up production swiftly, bringing mass-market electric boats one step closer to reality by tapping into state-of-the art automotive battery technology.

"Polestar is a dream partner for us. While electrification of cars has come a long way in the last few years, the marine sector has fallen behind. Marrying our efficient hydrofoil technology to high-capacity batteries from Polestar means we can speed up the mass market adoption of electric boats together."

Gustav Hasselskog, CEO of Candela

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This is a big deal for Candela as it secures a steady battery supply and allows it to bypass the "prohibitively high cost of marine batteries for electric boats." Electric boatbuilders typically have so far relied on smaller, boutique vendors of marine battery packs. Scarcity and high unit costs of these packs are two factors that have prevented electric boats from achieving parity with ICE vessels.

Thanks to computer-guided hydrofoils which lift the hull above water, Candela's electric boats "fly" above the surface and use up to 80% less energy at high speeds compared to traditional motorboats. Candela's boats, which cruise at 30 knots, produce zero emissions and minimal noise, which improves passenger comfort and contributes to a smoother cruising experience compared to traditional boats.

"I am fascinated by way Candela’s boats glide elegantly and efficient through, or better, over the water – amazing proof of the great aesthetics and experiences modern, sustainable technology can create. That Polestar will be part of future projects with Candela by supplying an essential part for the innovative propulsion of their boats, is awesome. As a battery supplier to Candela, we can help drive the transition to cleaner oceans and lakes, and electrify waterborne transport."

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO

Polestar says the supply of battery and charging systems to a third party, a first for the company as an EV manufacturer, marks the start of a broader intended partnership with Candela. Both companies are committed to exploring further opportunities for future collaboration.

Polestar 2 battery pack
Polestar 2 battery pack
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