The 2022 Polestar 2, in the all-wheel-drive version with a 78 kWh battery, was recently tested in the "moose test," but it did not impress.

The all-electric Polestar 2 is considered a driver's car with very good driving characteristics, however, according to, the car was able to successfully complete the test at a maximum initial speed of 74 km/h (46 mph). At higher speeds some understeer comes into play and it was hitting the cones.

  • initial part: 74 km/h (46 mph)
  • middle part: 59 km/h (37 mph)
  • final part: 35 km/h (22 mph)

That's a bit disappointing, considering that the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y were both able to achieve 83 km/h (52 mph) in Long Range, AWD versions. The difference is almost 10 km/h (6 mph) or over 10%.

On the other hand, Polestar 2 noted a better result in the slalom test. The car completed it in 22.8 seconds, which is a bit quicker than the Cupra Born (23.6 seconds) or BMW i4 eDrive40 (24.0 seconds).

Previous results of the's moose test for reference (initial speed):

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