Next Gen Volvo VNR Electric Truck Gets Bigger Battery, More Range

The maximum configuration is now 564 kWh, which allows it to go up to 275 miles (442 km) on a single charge.

Volvo Trucks announced a next-generation version of its first all-electric Class 8 semi in North America - the Volvo VNR Electric, which was launched in December 2020.

The new Volvo VNR Electric gets a more energy-dense battery and an additional larger pack option (for some configurations) for a significantly increased range. Also, the fast charging is now quicker.

Batteries: 375 kWh (replaces 264 kWh) and 565 kWh

The most important improvement appears to be related to the battery system. The previous 264 kWh battery (four individual batteries) has been replaced with a new 375 kWh version (111 kWh or 42% more).

This change alone contributed the most to increasing the range of the 4x2 Straight truck configuration from up to 150 miles, to 230 miles (80 miles or 53%).

We assume that the vehicle is also more efficient as the range increased more than the energy capacity.

On top of that comes a new 6-battery version of the battery system, which has a total capacity of 565 kWh. It's available only for some of the vehicle configurations (see full specs at the bottom of this post), and can increase the range up to 275 miles (442 km).

"The enhanced Volvo VNR Electric’s true power lies in the improvements made in the battery – technology, design, management, and package offering. Improvements in battery design have resulted in an up to 40% increase in storage capacity for each battery. A dedicated Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) was added to manage and maintain ideal environmental temperatures. Volvo Trucks has also introduced a new six-battery package option. Combining all three boasts an increased energy storage of up to 565kWh and offers an operational range of up to 275 miles."

250 kW fast charging

Together with the switch to new batteries, Volvo VNR Electric will be able to fast charge at up to 250 kW.

Depending on the version, charging to 80% state-of-charge should take no more than 60 minutes (375 kWh) or 90 minutes (565 kWh).

Previously, when the power limit was 150 kW, charging to the same level took 70 minutes (264 kWh battery).

Besides the EV-related upgrades, the Volvo VNR Electric is now also available in two additional configurations (for a total of five): a 6x4 straight truck and a 6x4 tractor.

The new Volvo VNR Electric is now available for order, while the series production at the company’s New River Valley manufacturing plant in Dublin, Virginia will begin in Q2 2022.

"Over the past year, Volvo Trucks has delivered the Volvo VNR Electric to customers in several states across the US, collecting valuable operating data to continually improve the technology to increase the efficiency of the truck under varying operating conditions. The next generation Volvo VNR Electric is now open for order."

Peter Voorhoeve, president, Volvo Trucks North America said:

“It is a testament to Volvo Trucks’ leadership that in a continuously evolving industry we are bringing the enhanced version of our VNR Electric to the market a year after sales of the VNR Electric first started. Volvo Trucks is at the forefront in the industry, always innovating and improving, while upholding the highest standards in design, construction and safety. Our team is proud of its role, together with dealers and customers, in accelerating the shift to electromobility and a more sustainable future.”

Volvo VNR Electric specs:

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