GM's First Ultium Battery Gigafactory Appears Almost Completed

It will produce 30+ GWh of EV batteries annually.

The Ultium Cells's first battery gigafactory, under construction in Lordstown, Ohio, appears to be in the final stage of construction.

In a new flyover video, recorded on November 23, and shared by Ray Noneya, we can see a basically complete building, but there are still plenty of things that have to be completed around. It's unknown how advanced the installation of manufacturing equipment inside is, ahead of production start in 2022.

This is the first battery gigafactory that the GM's and LG Energy Solution's joint venture is building in the U.S. (the second one will be built in Spring Hill, Tennessee). Two more plants are in the pipeline according to General Motors.

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The plant in Lordstown, Ohio is envisioned for 30 GWh annually with an option for more. It's a crucial investment for the ramp-up of the Ultium-based electric cars.

Initially, the Ultium cells will be produced and supplied from other LG Energy Solution's plants, but once tUltium Cells starts production, it will carry the volume.

Other manufacturers, including Ford and Stellantis, are also engaged in battery gigafactory joint ventures in the U.S. Manufacturers in Europe also appear to prefer this type of business model, which gives them more control over the battery supply.

Ultium Cells LLC - Lordstown, Ohio plant in brief:

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