Tesla launching a more affordable vehicle to sit below the Model 3 in the lineup is a hot topic these days and one way you can tell this is by the sheer number of renderings being produced. Some are better than others at trying to predict what the $25,000 Tesla will be like, but we don’t really know where this one falls.

What we do know about the entry level Tesla is that it will be a Chinese-style car which will be built in China, at the manufacturer’s Shanghai gigafactory. The plan is to not just sell it in China, though, but to also export it around the world from that location.

The only thing we have to go by when it comes to how the model will look is one single very early design drawing that shows what appears to be an even smaller Model Y with a more pronounced sloping rear roofline. However, is that really what the model will look like, given the fact that the roofline will seriously hinder its ability to carry passengers in the back (as well as its cargo carrying capacity to a degree)?


@carforce247 envisions the smallest Tesla as a Volkswagen ID.3-type vehicle with a very similar side profile and hidden rear door handles. This is a very believable attempt at previewing the vehicle, but given Tesla’s history, there is also a chance this smallest model could completely break with the brand’s current design.

Tesla was reportedly hiring designers in China in order to work on this specific project, so it sounds like the manufacturer is putting in extra work to design the vehicle. It is therefore also very likely that it may not look like any current Tesla, but if it does, then this rendering does a good job previewing it.

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