New Tesla Model S Software Update Improves Suspension, Autopark

New 2021.32.5 software update improves the suspension's comfort and handling, gives new capability to Autopark system.

2021 Tesla Model S 2021 Tesla Model S

As the pioneer of over-the-air (OTA) updates in the automotive industry, Tesla has implemented more software upgrades to its vehicles than any other car manufacturer over the years.

It continues to do so, and the latest one targets the Model S, bringing suspension, Autopark, and convenience improvements to the electric sedan.

The main improvement is a new version of the adaptive suspension damping. More specifically, Tesla Model S owners are in for enhanced comfort and better handling. Here’s what Tesla wrote in the release notes of its new 2021.32.5 software update:

“A recalibrated suspension damping algorithm allows for smoother control and improved ride comfort. A rebalanced rebound-to-compression ratio works with the all-new multilink rear suspension to enhance steering response and handling for a higher degree of road connection and more precise control during spirited driving.”

Another major focus of the update is the Autopark system, which is now reaping the benefits of Tesla’s latest vision-based software, being able to complete both parallel and perpendicular parking maneuvers.

“Your vehicle can now automatically park in parallel and perpendicular posts. While driving below 15 mph (25 km/h), the instrument cluster will display a parking icon if it detects a potential parking spot. To initiate Autopark, tap-and-hold the Autopark button in the shift panel, and release the steering yoke. For more information on Autopark, please refer to the Owners Manual.”

Finally, Tesla has also operated a change to the bottom control bar on the user interface. 

"Child Lock replaces Camera under controls. You can still access Camera via the bottom bar on your touchscreen."

For now, these upgrades are restricted to the Model S, but some of them are expected to make it to other vehicles as well, especially the new vision-based Autopark. As for the new suspension damping algorithm, it will probably come only to Model S and Model X (when deliveries start).

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