Tesla’s Full Self Driving suite is definitely one of the most advanced such systems in the world, if not the most advanced, and even though it is in Beta, it’s already showing a lot of promise. We’ve seen countless videos showing Beta testers subjecting Teslas on FSD to various tests and taking them around tricky road infrastructure, and while the system isn’t always perfect, it usually takes the car to its destination safely and fuss-free.

Company CEO and founder Elon Musk is aware of just how advanced FSD already is, but he recently acknowledged that the task of creating fool-proof self-driving vehicles is more challenging than he initially expected. Just a few days ago, he conceded that the latest public version of FSD, V9.2, isn’t that great, but he said the next one, V9.3, is far better not detailing what the exact improvements are.

He also announced via a tweet that while FSD is already amazing, Tesla has even higher safety standards planned for the system before it calls it final. In this most recent tweet, Musk said


So he wants the system to be ten times safer than a human driver, and the system is already doing pretty well, having registered an average of just 1 accident per almost 4.2-million miles (7-million kilometers) driven. Tesla was expected to launch the improved FSD V9.3 this week, but the company has apparently decided against it and now it plans to go straight to V10 which should reportedly be here within the next few weeks.

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