Doug DeMuro recently tested the Tesla Model S Plaid and was absolutely thrilled with the experience. It was actually his first video with a Model S, believe it or not, and if you haven’t seen it already, you should check it out.

Before releasing the video, Doug talked about his experience with the Model S Plaid in a WVFRM podcast hosted by Marques Brownlee. It was an interesting discussion that didn’t focus exclusively on the Model S Plaid, although the world’s fastest-accelerating production car was the main highlight.

Interestingly, DeMuro did not borrow the car from Tesla but from an owner, something he does with most of the cars he reviews. Right off the bat, he says the Plaid is “one of the craziest and coolest cars” that he’s ever experienced in his entire life, and even goes on to describe his encounter with the Model S Plaid as being “almost like a religious experience.” 

That’s a big statement coming from someone who’s not a huge Tesla guy and who’s driven many of the fastest and most fun to drive cars ever made. Actually, Doug explains that the Plaid is the first Tesla that he emotionally connected with, despite the fact that all the other Tesla models he previously drove felt less suited for enthusiast drivers.

Furthermore, he adds that pushing the electric sedan’s throttle down is definitely one of the top three major events in his career, alongside driving the Ferrari F40 and the first time he sat behind the wheel of a Cadillac CT6 on Super Cruise.

The podcast touches several subjects, mostly YouTube-related, including similarities between YouTube channels, YouTube vs. traditional media, YouTube comments, working with companies,  so make sure to watch it if you’re interested in vlogging.

There’s also a section about the EV Hummer and other trucks, and another dedicated to the two seemingly contradictory attributes of Tesla cars, namely being fun to drive and not needing a driver when Autopilot is engaged. Enjoy watching!

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