Wu wa reports in one of its latest flyover videos that the daily output of the Tesla Model Y at the Tesla Giga Shanghai has reached about 1,000 units a day, after the plant was upgraded over a four-day pause.

It's not official, but it might be true as the parking lot at the factory is flooded with the Model Y.

It would also mean that the Made-in-China (MIC) Model Y production is now above MIC Model 3 (estimated at 800 per day).

Let's recall that Tesla, in its Q2 financial report, said that the Model 3/Y combined production output stands at over 450,000 per year and that the plant has become the "primary vehicle export hub."

Tesla Giga Shanghai - Expansion continues (Tesla Q2 2021 report)
Tesla Giga Shanghai - Model Y Stamping (Tesla Q4 2020 report)

Tesla exported about 8,210 MIC Model Y in July, and this number is expected to increase. According to Tesla's CEO Elon Musk, most of the production in the first part of a quarter will be allocated for export.

Thousands of MIC Model Y recently reached Europe, which starts an entirely new chapter for the company. This year, the Model 3 was basically the only Tesla available in Europe, but now the brand has a chance to expand its presence (at some point the new Model S/X will arrive too, but it might not be this year).

In China, Tesla offers not only the Long Range and Performance versions of the Model Y (both AWD), but also the rear-wheel drive Standard Range version, equipped with CATL's LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries.

Meanwhile, the MIC Model 3 export remains high and most recently a high number of cars were seen ready to be sent to Singapore:

Here is another high-quality flyover video of the Tesla Giga Shanghai, provided by Jason Yang:

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