Dodge’s electrification plans are cause for concern for the brand’s traditional customer base, and the company is well aware of that. To give enthusiasts an idea of what to expect from its upcoming electrified products, the carmaker will be laying out its vision in the months ahead.

Dodge will detail its electrification plans in the fourth quarter, and so far we know that the company plans to launch a plug-in hybrid model in 2022 and a battery-electric muscle car in 2024. As it turns out, the performance brand will also launch an electric concept car next year that will provide a glimpse into the future, Automotive News reports.

The show car should serve as a preview of the battery-electric muscle car that’s due in 2024. Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis said during a media preview for the Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge event that the carmaker’s move into electrification could broaden it customer base if done right.

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"We hope that we draw a different type of consumer, and keep the consumer that we have today. That’s very important to us, and that's why we want to get our concept car out next year and explain to people exactly what we're going to do. When things go into an electrified environment, we want to explain to people: Dodge muscle car first. And, by the way, it happens to have electrification to make it better.”

The executive did not offer further details about the concept but added that the upcoming electrified vehicles will live on for a “long time.” They will also set the direction for Dodge in an era of eco-friendly performance that will improve on what the brand offers today.

According to Kuniskis, the heart of the muscle car market is around $40,000 to $50,000. While he wouldn't say whether Dodge’s future EVs will hit that range, he declared that "we know who our customer is, we know what our customers are looking for and we're targeting exactly what we need to do."

When asked how much horsepower Dodge’s electric muscle car will make, the executive said that’s less important than how it performs.

"You want a Hellcat with 1,200 hp? I can give it to you. It won't be any faster than the one you got, because all you're going to do is spin the tires. I don't know what the horsepower is going to be, but trust me, we won't disappoint you."

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