The Tesla Model Y is finally in Europe, about 1.5 years after its launch in the U.S. and half a year after its China debut. It comes from the Giga Shanghai plant, as the factory near Berlin is still under construction.

Autogefühl recently had an opportunity to take a look at one of the first Made-in-China (MIC) units in Germany, although the car was not yet allowed for use on public roads. About 1,300 units were shipped also to Norway and we saw the first units arriving in multiple other countries.

The first impressions are very positive. First of all, Autogefühl notes a significantly improved build quality over the previous Tesla cars. There are no major issues or weird panel gaps, only some small sharp edges in the rear doors.

Both the exterior and interior are similar to what we already know. The Tesla Model Y is spacious with plenty of room in the front, the rear, as well as a pretty big trunk (plus a frunk). The style is minimalist with good materials. The strong points of this and other Tesla models is a very responsive infotainment system.

We guess that Tesla will shine as usual also in the range tests, but we will have to wait until full reviews for those. The initial test drive in a parking lot leaves us with just a glimpse of a promising driving experience.

The Tesla Model Y might quickly become the best-selling Tesla in Europe. And since the Tesla Model 3 is the top EV in Europe so far this year, the Model Y has a chance to come out on top overall as well.

An interesting thing noted by Autogefühl is the new Tesla store location, at a former Porsche dealership on Ferdinand-Porsche street near Gottlieb-Daimler street. Is it a sign of the times?

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