We've enjoyed a welcome influx of Rivian news, images, and videos of late. Most have come from Rivian Forums via user Duck Truck. In fact, the forum member got to take a few rides in the Rivian R1T with CEO RJ Saringe at the company's Rivian Experience Days, shared details about the electric pickup truck that some folks may not have been aware of, and spent some time touring Rivian's production facility in Normal, IL.

Rivian continues to delay the launch of its vehicles, though it has seemed clear for years the startup electric truck maker has been on a path to success. The brand has had highly capable vehicles out testing in the wild for some time now, and it isn't usually taking steps to hide them. Moreover, Rivian has enjoyed plenty of investments from major players in the industry.

Added to this, Rivian purchased the former Mitsubishi automotive plant in Illinois some time ago. While every factory needs updates and modifications as a new automaker takes over – and this is especially true when it comes to transitioning a traditional car factory to an electric vehicle factory – it seemed the Normal facility was in impressive shape when Rivian took over. In fact, it was even outfitted with plenty of equipment, some of which Rivian is probably able to use.

With all of that said, it doesn't seem like Rivian has any notable issues with its vehicles or factory. Instead, it seems the startup is just making absolutely sure everything is exactly as it should be to assure a successful launch. We've seen what has happened in the past when other automakers have jumped the gun to appease fans, the media, and investors.

At any rate, Rivian allowed visitors to come in and check out the 3.3-million-square-foot factory in Normal. Duck Truck posted two videos of the experience thus far, and it seems like the plan is to continue to provide useful content related to the drive and visit.

In the videos, you'll see the body shop, Rivian R1T door panels and side panels seemingly ready for production, and a large 4,800-ton press. 

Once you've had a chance to watch both short videos, leave your observations and takeaways in our comment section below. In addition, check out more from Rivian Forums and Duck Truck via the related links below.

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