Here is a video from the UK that features a Tesla Model X driver is departing from a parking bay with an open right Falcon Wing door.

It didn't end well, though, as the car's door hit the double decker bus, stopped in the opposite lane. Judging from the video, it will be a total loss for the doors.

We guess that the driver did not realize that the doors are open, which is a bit strange as there should be some feedback in the form of noise and wind, compared to closed doors, as well as info on the dash.

Maybe it would be valuable to limit the driving speed, with open doors. Some might say that the info on the instrument cluster, about the opened doors, should be more intruding.

Anyway, someone will have to pay also for the bus damages and hopefully there were no injuries.

Let's recall that this Tesla Model X is an outgoing version of the car, as Tesla is busy with ramping up the production of the refreshed Model S and the following launch of the refreshed Model X, available in two versions - Long Range and Plaid.

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